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Junior Shooting Sports: Chair

From the Chairman

Loretta Young, ROTC/JROTC/Shooting Sports Chair

September 2020

Entrepreneur and Leadership Military Academy

The Broward County JROTC “Back to School Meeting” was held virtually today for all instructors and staff for the incoming Cadets. For the present time, all classes will be by a virtual program. After school activities in Broward will have to be postponed until further notice. I will be in attendance at the National JSSP Virtual Meeting to be held later in the month to get updates on how the rest of the nation is progressing during the pandemic and the scheduling of the Postal Match which was scheduled to start earlier than last year’s November 01 start date.

This announcement was made today at the Meeting regarding the newly formed Entrepreneur and Leadership Military Academy (ELMA) @ Boyd H. Anderson High School.

1SG Marvin Solis, Senior Instructor, ELMA @ Boyd H Anderson

Eight years ago, the Entrepreneur and Leadership Military Academy opened at Hollywood Hills High School and became one of the most successful magnet programs in Broward County. Now a second Entrepreneur and Leadership Military Academy is opening at Boyd H. Anderson High School. The new academy was created to afford families in northern Broward County a personalized and rigorous academic environment with a high standard of discipline. The Senior Instructor at the new academy, First Sergeant (1SG) Marvin Solis, said, “Cadets enrolled in ELMA @ Boyd Anderson are beginning their high school experience taking International Baccalaureate (IB) courses…something that ELMA at Hills cannot offer.” Of course, 1SG Solis has first-hand knowledge of what both academies offer because he worked at Hills prior to spearheading the effort at Boyd Anderson. He goes on to say, “teenagers that freely commit to structure and to wear a uniform every day deserve a level of respect…I’d really like to see the community embrace and support them.

I congratulate them and welcome to Broward County. Wishing the program much success and thanks to all who contributed to the effort of expanding this program which continues the motto: to build a better citizen.

First Round target sales and club registration opens for Junior Shooting Sports September 1, 2020.

Loretta Young
ROTC/JROTC/Shooting Sports Chair