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Membership: Transfer to a Local Post

Transfer to Local Post

Thank you for becoming a member of The American Legion, the largest and most powerful veteran service organization in America! Today, I invite you to renew your membership and transfer from Post 400; the administrative “holding” post where your membership is currently located at the National level.

By transferring, not only can you connect with other veterans, but a portion of your annual dues will be kept local, and you’ll be a part of the true strength of our organization. You can either transfer into a local post or to our CyberPost that is facilitated through our Department Headquarters.

Although transferring is not required, we hope that you decide to join one of our local posts or Cyberpost 208 today.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Membership at membership@floridalegion.org or  407-295-2631.

To join your local post or transfer to a local post, please visit the post you wish to transfer to. A DD-214 or other requirements may be required, so please call ahead.

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What is CyberPost?

An online platform that provides the ability to communicate with fellow veterans and includes a search engine to find military friends and members that share in the same interests. It’s possible to create a personalized member page where members can upload and share photos or videos. Blogs can be created to interact with others on personal issues or Veteran Administration (VA) matters. And best of all, these benefits are a part of your American Legion membership!

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