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American Legion Riders: Starting a Chapter

Starting a Chapter

  1. The Post is to review the Department ALR Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and become familiar with the requirements and obligations of the ALR Program. You may contact the Department American Legion Riders Chairman for assistance with procedural questions.
  2. The Post is to gain the interest and commitment of at least five (5) persons who are members in good standing of the American Legion, The Sons of the American Legion (SAL), or the Auxiliary (ALA), to become members of the American Legion Riders.
    1. Verify the membership and hold a meeting for the interested parties
    2. Determine who will fill the roles of the elected officers during the start-up process. Director, Assistant Director, Adjutant/Finance Officer, Road Captain/Safety Officer, Sgt-at-Arms, and Chaplain.
  3. Obtain the approval of the membership of the Post and note such approval in the minutes of that meeting
  4. Post Commander is to sign a Start-Up Letter of Approval on Post’s letterhead and submit to the ALR Chairman.
  5. The Start-Up Officers and other committed Start-Up Members are to adopt the ALR SOP
  6. Send a Copy of the following documents to the Department ALR Chairman at Department Headquarters (P.O. Box 547859 Orlando, FL 32854) for Chapter approval
    1. Copy of Start-Up Letter on the Post’s letterhead, signed by the Post Commander
    2. Copy of the Post meeting minutes where the Post membership approved starting and ALR Chapter at their Post
    3. Copy of the Chapter’s SOP
    4. A list of Chapter members to be placed on the Chapter’s Charter document
  7. Upon final approval and receipt of the Department signed Charter, have the Post Commander and Adjutant sign the Charter. Recruit members and fill out membership applications and sign waiver.
  8. Request that the Post general membership approve a checking account for your chapter under the EIN issue to the Post