Department of Florida

Start a Chapter

  1. A Post is to review the Department ALR Standard Operating Procedures and become familiar with the requirements and obligations of membership. You may contact the Department Judge Advocate or the Department American Legion Riders Chairman for assistance with procedural questions.
  2. The Post is to gain the interest and commitment of at least five (5) persons who are, or are eligible to be, members of the American Legion, The Son’s of the American Legion, or the Auxiliary; and meet the eligibility requirements to become members of the American Legion Riders. Verify their membership and hold a meeting of the interested parties. Determine who will fill the roles of the elected officers during the start up stages.
  3. Obtain the approval of the membership of the Post.
  4. Develop and adopt a Chapter Constitution and By Laws and elect officers. It is recommended that the template provided be used as the foundation and that a committee be appointed to compile the proposed Constitution and By Laws.
  5. Adoption of the Constitution and By Laws by the membership and the election of the officers. The process of announcing and conducting the election should follow the procedures established for elections in the proposed Constitution and By Laws. The Constitution and By Laws are first presented for adoption by the membership and once approved, the election of officers is held.
  6. Send a copy of the checklist and required items to Department Headquarters along with a list of names to be put on the Charter.
  7. Upon final approval, recruit members and fill out membership applications.
  8. Request the general membership approve a checking account for your chapter under the Incorporation papers of the Post.


Chapter Standard Operating Procedure Template
Start Up Letter Template
Start up Procedures
ALR Membership Application/Form Template