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Boys State: Frequently Asked Questions


How do I apply for Florida Boys State?
All participants MUST be sponsored by a Florida American Legion Post. You must get in touch with a Post that is closest to your school or residence and submit an interview application to the Post’s Boys State Chairman. You can use our Post Directory (currently under revision for 2021) to assist you with finding a Post near you. You can also contact The American Legion, Department of Florida to assist you with getting in touch with a Post’s Boys State Chairman at or 800-393-3378
When should I start contacting a Post’s Boys State Chairman?
Post’s Boys State Chairman start to conduct their interviews from the Beginning of January to the end of February. You can start contacting a Post’s Boys State Chairman as early as November. You can contact a Post Chairman any time after November, just keep in mind your chances to obtain a Delegate Slot will be significantly reduced if you start contacting Posts in February and March.
What is a Boys State Delegate and Alternate?

Florida Boys State has many candidates and unfortunate can only allow 530 boys to attend the session. All of the young men that would like to participate in Florida Boys State must go through an Interview process with a Local Post in order to be selected as a “Delegate” or “Alternate.”

Delegate – A young man who has been selected to represent his sponsoring American Legion Post and attend Florida Boys State.

Alternate – A young man who has been selected to replace or fill a Delegate slot if one becomes available. This young man is NOT guaranteed to attend the Boys State session. If a Delegate slot becomes available the Alternate’s Post Boys State Chairman will contact them and let them know a slot has become available.

Please note: If you are selected as an Alternate there is a possibility of a slot becoming available at any time, even the day before the session starts. You will have to be registered, packed, and ready to go should this circumstance arise.

What grade do I have to be in to participate in Florida Boys State?
When you apply for Boys State you must be in your Junior Year of High School.
Am I eligible if I am a homeschooled or private school student?
Yes! Public, Private, and Homeschooled students are all eligible to participate.
Can I get Dual Enrollment Credit for attending Boys State?
Unfortunately, you cannot receive Dual Enrollment Credit.
Do I have to have a specific religious belief to attend?
There are NO religious requirements, but the Legion tradition of God and Country will be followed. There will be prayers and a memorial service in which the name of God will be used.
Who provides transportation to and from the session?

Your District Boys State Chairman will arrange bus transportation from your District to Tallahassee and back. Your Post Chairman will keep in touch with you to inform you of your District Orientation, where you will find out all of the Transportation details. Area & District Organization

Delegates will NOT be allowed to have their own car on premises during the session.

Parents/ Legal Guardians can provide transportation for their child at their own expense, if they do not want to utilize the District’s Transportation.

Please Note: If you choose to drive your child to Tallahassee please inform your Post’s Boys State Chairman immediately; you do not want to chance your child’s Delegate Slot being given away over a miscommunication error.

Is there a Florida Girls State?

Yes! The American Legion Auxiliary, Department of Florida hosts Florida Girls State. Click here to check out Florida Girls State

If you have any questions about Florida Girls State please contact: The American Legion Auxiliary, Department of Florida at 407-293-7411