Children & Youth: About


Children & Youth 2023-2024The American Legion has a proud tradition of supporting our nation’s youth. The organization was founded on the principle in 1919, when Children & Youth was declared one of the Legion’s four pillars. In the years since, a number of youth-oriented programs have been developed including Temporary Financial Assistance, Family Support Network and child safety and wellbeing programs.

The Americanism Commission’s Children & Youth Committee is the center of the Legion’s youth-support efforts. The committee meets annually to formulate, recommend and implement plans, programs and activities designed to accomplish:

  • Assure care and protection for the children of veterans.
  • Improve conditions for all children and youth with due concern for maintaining the integrity of the family home.
  • Prevent social and physical ills of children and youth where possible, utilizing services of and cooperating with sound organizations and agencies for children and youth.
  • Maintain a balanced program that provides for their physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs.

The American Legion has been a strong advocate for children and youth since its inception. This steadfast dedication has never wavered and continues to be a driving force on behalf of children across the country today.