Department of Florida

Grant Guidelines

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Page limit: maximum 10 pages

Guidelines for Submitting Request for Funds (follow all steps applicable)

  • Requestor Contact Information
  • Name & Title
  • Organization & Type
  • E-mail Address
  • Phone Number
  • Mailing Address
  • Summary
    • Give a brief description of the proposed project
    • Make a problem statement that assesses the program/ project’s needs
  • Introduction
    • Provide information about your organization
    • Describe staff and organization’s qualifications to receive funding
    • Outline goals and objectives
    • Describe, in detail, how and when goals and objectives will be accomplished
    • Identify participants and the level of involvement in the proposed project
    • Describe community links
  • Program
    • Describe the program/ project you are requesting funding for
    • Provide amount of request
    • How will requested funds be spent? Include supporting documentation
    • Identify expected program results and expected benefits associated from the request funds
    • Who will benefit from the receipt of the Children & Youth Fund?
    • Was program/ project previously funded by the Children & Youth Fund? Please list Fiscal Year(s) and the amount received
  • Evaluation
    • What specific measures will be used to document performance data for the project, if it receives funds
  • Budget
    • Provide total project costs
  • Recommendation Letters
    • A letter of recommendation MUST BE PROVIDED by the sponsoring American Legion Post, Sons of The American Legion Squadron, and/or American Legion Auxiliary Unit
      • The letter must include the date that the sponsorship was approved by the membership of the Post, Squadron, and/or Unit
      • Include the point of contact for the Post, Squadron, and/or Unit
    • Provide letters of support from the community/ agency
    • Provide letters of support from anyone listed as a supporter for the program

Note: If funds are awarded we request a report of the program’s accomplishments to be submitted to the Department of Florida American Legion Children & Youth Commission once the program/project has been completed.

Click here to print guidelines.