Department of Florida

From the Chairman

Deb Wheeler

When we celebrate spring, we think of growth and new beginnings. Our purpose becomes clear, we must rededicate ourselves to helping all veterans and their families. By thinking outside the box don’t expect any veteran especially women to enter your post for our assistance. When we travel outside our posts all the Legion family must represent who we are and what we do. By wearing our shirts and breathing the American Legion we can all do our parts. For example, a member of the ALA from my post brought a young family with a 5 year to our Post. They were living in their car after moving to Florida and the living situation they had hoped for did not pan out. This all occurred 1 week before Christmas. I met with them quickly and because over the holidays any help would take some time. After some phone calls, they were temporarily given housing over the holidays by a veteran’s family because they were visiting out of town. The veteran was a female who had all documents in hand had been approved for HUD Vash. That is what we do! By just speaking to someone in line at a 7-11 we change lives. Reach out, educate and render assistance in the Legion Family on how to step forward and talk the talk. We have the knowledge and ask others if you can’t find a way to help!

Deborah Wheeler
Women Veterans