Department of Florida


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Position Candidate
Commander Jerry Brandt
1st Vice Commander Eunice Butts
2nd Vice Commander Michael “Gambler” Raymond
3rd Vice Commander Kurt Gies
3rd Vice Commander Fred Matthews
3rd Vice Commander Ray Perez
NEC Dennis Boland
NEC Jim Ramos
NECA Rick Johnson
NECA Joseph R. Magee
Chaplain Barry Roberts
Chaplain Willie Branch
Sgt-at-Arms Jeff Durden
Historian Edward Lewis


Position Candidate
Central Area Sidney Damsgard
Central Area Nancy Thomas
Eastern Area Stephen Hamrick
Northern Area Troy Horsley
Southern Area Paul Bosco Jr.
Southwestern Area Brian “Taz” Gehling
Western Area John Edens
Western Area Lamar Carroll


Sonny Decker

Position Candidate
2nd District Commander Roger Hewitt
4th District Commander John Bennett
5th District Commander Ernie Florig
5th District Commander Lena Heredia-Perez
6th District Commander Robert Suelter
7th District Commander Burl Thomas
8th District Commander Angelo Skip Felicita
9th District Commander George “Geo” Bograkos
9th District Commander James Tewes
11th District Commander Johnny Castro
12th District Commander Dennis Mallon
13th District Commander Jessica Moore
15th District Commander Bruce Carl
16th District Commander Bob Matheson
17th District Commander Hank Mangels


In order for an endorsement to be published on the Department website and listed in the Legion Link, the following criteria must be followed:


  1. Endorsement letters will be accepted for the following positions:
    1. Department Commander
    2. Department Vice Commanders
    3. National Executive Committeeman and Alternate
      1. During even numbered years only
    4. Department Sgt-At-Arms
    5. Department Chaplain
    6. Department Historian
    7. Area Commanders
    8. District Commanders
  2. Endorsement letters will only be accepted from a Post.
  3. An endorsement letter must meet the following criteria:
    1. On Post letterhead
    2. Contains the date of the meeting the Post made the endorsement
    3. States that the members of the Post approved the endorsement at the meeting
    4. Contains a brief narrative (offices held, etc.) explaining why the individual should be considered for the office
    5. Signed by two Post Officers

How to Submit

All endorsement letters must be mailed to the Department in hardcopy. Endorsement letters faxed to the Department will not be accepted, as the quality is too low to obtain a good scan. An electronic version of the letter may be sent to the Department by email however, a hardcopy of the letter is still required to verify the signatures prior to posting on the website and listing in the Legion Link.

*Any letter that does not meet the above criteria will be returned to the Post for proper formatting and/or signatures.

Endorsement letters will be accepted for publication after September 1st for the coming year.

Only the first endorsement letter received for an individual running for an office will be posted on the Department Website. Subsequent endorsements for the same individual will be filed at the Department for future reference.