Youth Law Cadet: Chair

From the Chairman

September 2023

Hello Folks,

I am Bud Boyer. I am serving as the Southwestern Area Commander for the 2023 -2024 year. I have also been called upon to serve as the Chair for the Youth Law Cadet Program.

As most of you know, this is a program for our young high school students, both male and female, to learn firsthand about law enforcement.

For reasons beyond our control, this program suffered some setbacks. Those reasons are behind us now, and we need to bring this program back and have a successful one again.

I know I will need a lot of help, and I am asking all 16 District Commanders and the 5 Area Commanders for HELP.

I want to get this off to a good start by asking each District to send just two (2) applicants. The idea behind this is that not all posts can afford to send anyone, but if they all work together and have fundraising events, the opportunity will be there for the young folks that want to go.

As the American Legion, we can help motivate these young folks to consider law enforcement as a potential career choice and ultimately help “To maintain law and order.

Oh, heck yes, I will send all the information I have to all the Districts as soon as I verify the dates and cost.

Bud Boyer
Youth Law Cadet Chair