Department of Florida

From the Chairman

Bob Brewster

Our Florida Highway Patrol/American Legion Cadet Program is now accepting cadets for this year’s program. The cadets really enjoy this program, and I know this because we have not received a single complaint from any one of them or their families. I really hate it when a Post contacts me right after we close the registration for that year. All necessary paperwork that must be completed can be obtained from the Department of Florida’s website.

With us working with another organization, we must adhere to their rules. Space is limited, so please get your cadets entered as soon as possible. We have a little flexibility, but not a lot. I have met with the Florida Highway Patrol Major in her office, and she is totally committed to this program. She has made a couple personnel changes to make this program more efficient.

Bob Brewster
Youth Law Cadet

Vice Chair:
Tom Gora
Youth Law Cadet