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American Legion Riders: Chapter of the Year

Chapter of the Year

Due to the many challenges we faced during the 2020-2021 American Legion year, the Chapter of the Year award will be suspended. Please review the new guidelines for Chapter of the Year for 2021-2022.

Chapter of the YearWhat we do now?

  • Chapters send accomplishments to Department Chairmen & Adjutant
  • Each submission is reviewed and evaluated
  • Miles, hours, donations, & statewide events are not considered
  • The Outstanding Chapter is selected based on submissions and is subjective
  • That chapter is awarded “Chapter of the Year”

What we need to do?

  • Establish a process for submission
  • Establish criteria for submissions that meet Chapter and Department goals
  • Provide a means to participate fairly, regardless of Chapter size
  • Encourage Chapter participation
Current Challenges

Current Challenges

  • Low Participation
  • Lack of Understanding – What to submit?
  • Criteria – How do submissions support Department goals?
  • Chapter size – How can small Chapters compete with large Chapters?
  • Geographic area – Does location affect activities?
Provide Criteria to Help Chapters Participate

Provide Criteria to Help Chapters Participate

  • Must contain key measurements
  • Must address Chapter and Department goals
  • Must compensate for Chapter size
  • Must allow for weighing of each measurement
Key Elements

Key Elements

  • Department Events
    • Summit
    • Round Robin
    • Unity Ride
    • State Rally
    • Convention
    • Fall Conference
    • Merry-Go-Round
  • Reporting
    • Officer Reporting
    • EOY Reporting
    • Consolidated Post Report
  • Miles, Hours, & Cash Donations*
    • *Must match EOY Reporting & Consolidate Post Report (CPR)
Calculation Tool

Calculation Tool

Calculation Spreadsheet

Calculation Spreadsheet



  • Increase participation
  • Promote consistency and understanding in measurement
  • Support Chapter and Department goals
  • Math-based tool takes out uncertainty
  • Tool has flexibility to be customized for current needs
  • Tool can be used at Chapter level to help focus efforts
  • Tool can be used at Department level to award Chapter performance
  • Multiple awards possible (Area & District)

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