Department of Florida

Grant Opportunities

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Provide financial support to programs and projects that enhance the lives of children in the State of Florida. The organization that is seeking funding must be well established in contributing to the physical, mental, and emotional welfare of children throughout the community of which service is provided.

Funding Policies:  

  • Funding is determined and provided by the American Legion Florida Children & Youth Fund Board of Directors
  • Funds can range to a maximum of $5,000.
  • Any funds received will be a one-time allotment for the year; Funds are not renewable
  • Any funds received must be used between August 1st to July 31st of the awarded year
  • All funds must be used directly to benefit the children of the State of Florida


  • Funding will not match government funds
  • Funds are never awarded directly or indirectly to an individual for his or her personal use
  • Funds will NOT be provided for the following:
    • Individual or personal use
    • Pay for educational expenses for a Master or Doctrinal candidate to perform research for degree requirements
    • Personal or employee expenses, i.e. salaries, insurance, fringe benefits, conducting training programs/ seminars, lodging, travel, or food
  • If your organization received funding, you must wait two consecutive years before reapplying. Example: Your Organization received funding in 2017. Your Organization can reapply in 2019.

Deadline: May 1st of the Current Year

Application Procedures:

  • All Youth Fund submissions should follow the written guideline recommendations (see below)
  • Project outline should include direct impact on children and specific benefits of project
  • Budget figures are recommended only for the project
  • References should be individuals with a working knowledge of project and capable of answering questions concerning request for
  • The Florida Children & Youth Fund Board of Directors will review all request to see which ones meet the criteria for
  • Each year at the Florida Department Convention, the Board of Directors meet to consider requests and announce the recipients.
  • Personal appearances before the Board of Directors for the purpose of promotion and/or clarifying a request must be approved and scheduled by the Board of Directors.
  • All Youth Fund seekers will receive written notification of the Board’s There is no right of appeal