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Commander's Corner

Commander’s Corner

Department Commander Jerry Brandt

Department Commander Jerry Brandt

September 2021
It has been an exciting first two months as your Department Commander – I am still in a learning curve and I wonder what will happen next. However, we have a good staff at Department, and so many Legionaries have stepped up to help. We will have a great year.

We are now in a competition with three of our four Departments to the NORTH, this is for the District Membership Challenge – a race we are going to win. I made a ‘BET’, ‘IF’ Florida loses, a bushel of Oranges goes to the winner. Georgia, not to be out done, ‘BET’ a bushel of Peaches. Well Alabama, indicated they are known for Moon Pies, and Louisiana will provide the ‘fixings’ for Gumbo in their ‘BET’. I am still waiting fora response from Mississippi. I am planning to be well-stocked; I hope the Districts will get involved in the action as well.

Why are we doing this? 1. Our District Commanders will be reaching out monthly to help and to gauge their competition with the hope that Department and their districts will grow from the knowledge they share. 2. We are one of the main leaders in new ideals within the American Legion, as such, it is time we bring forward our ideals to other Departments, this will help the American Legion in the long run. 3. It’s fun, maybe our District officers can travel to another Department and enjoy the friendship that will develop between us and because of the monthly communication, we will get to know each other and develop together.

Speaking of traveling, in October, the Florida American Legion Riders will be traveling on a Five State Fun Ride. The Florida Legion Riders will share their stories of fundraising ideas concerning Vet Relief, Children and Youth programs, COTA, and for those who had fallen, to the other Departments, as well as making new friends on the trip. States involved are Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida. The ride will be joined by the Department Commanders of Florida, Georgia, Alabama and Louisiana, and hopefully Mississippi. Riders, please sign up. It will be a fun ride.

You may have either already received or given out, our new “Florida Family Mentor” pin.

How do YOU get this Pin? 1. You must have someone, whom you have mentored, step up to indicate you are their mentor. 2. You and the person who nominated you, must be at a District meeting in which the Zone Commander, Detachment Commander, Auxiliary Department President, or myself is in attendance. We will NOT give the pin to the mentor, the person who indicated you are their mentor will give you the pin, to say thank you. Again, this is just at District Meetings.

We will be holding Area Training in September and October, for not only the Area and District teams, but also for all who wants to move up. Currently we have the following schedule:

  • September 11th, Southern Area, Post 142, Pompano Beach
  • September 12th, Eastern Area, Post 80, St Cloud
  • September 18th, Central Area, Post 72, in Mulberry FL.
  • September 19th, Southwestern Area, Post 103, Punta Gorda
  • September 25th, Western Area, Post 402, Panama City Beach
  • September 26th, Eastern Northern Area Post 137, Jacksonville
  • October 2nd, Western Northern Area, Post 57, Lake City

I am also planning a round table meeting on September 28th, to find out what is needed in the Department, our Areas and our Districts. We will rotate through the District Commanders, I want to hear, in the following order: 1. The GOOD, items the District is proud of. 2. The BAD, if there is anything you need assistance with. 3. The UGLY, how is your membership doing. Since there is 16 Districts, please be short. And then we open to everyone to comment on items they see going on within the Department, either good or bad. Again, this is a round table, NO VOTING ON ANYTHING. This is not an official meeting. Therefore, we will use this information to bring up at the DEC meeting if necessary.

The Chairman for the Constitution and By-Laws Committee will also give a report at the Round Table on the status of the Constitution and By-Laws. Currently we are pending the National Headquarters on information needed to update our By-Laws, and we will continue working on them.

I hope to see all of you on my travels. After all, we are brothers and sisters, in War and in Peace, take care.

Duty. Honor. Country
Jerry Brandt

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