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Commander's Corner

Commander’s Corner

Department Commander William "Rick" Johnson

Rick Johnson, Department Commander

January 2021

Happy 2021 There is Much To Do

Well, we finally made it out of 2020. Happy New Year everyone as we start another year with family and friends. I hope Santa was good to you and I hope that we all stick with the new year’s resolutions that we promise to do. I will make this very short this time as we have a lot to do for the remaining six months.

There will be a lot of changes coming down the road as we move forward. PLEASE let us work together as a family and continue to do what we promised to do for our members. I am very thankful for all the people behind the scenes that keep us moving forward and keep us steadfast.

I look forward to visiting as many posts as I can and with the vaccine being out, and that we will move forward safely and take care of each other. Please do your buddy checks and begin to get those members who have not renewed pay their dues.

God bless you all and may God bless us all

Service Honor Sacrifice
Tank Out
William “Rick” Johnson

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