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As I started last month with a congratulatory note to all the Department on reaching our National Membership Goal, we did it again!!  It was, indeed, an honor to be able to announce that milestone from the Podium at the Fall Conference.  I would like to thank all of you who attended.  What a great job done by the Department Staff putting this event together and a thank you is warranted.  I would, also, be remiss if I did not thank our Department Officers for participating in the Leprechaun and Kilt routine.  How about Irene’s outfit, was that appropriate or not.

Prior to the Fall Conference, some other business was at hand.  Beginning the month was a trip to Tallahassee in connection with one of our newest programs, Florida Youth Law Cadet program.  We toured the Florida Highway Patrol Academy, wow what a campus,  1400 acres.  I would like to thank Chairman Bob Brewster and all the FHP staff for being so courteous in showing us around and for their enthusiasm of this program.

Next up, the arrival of National Commander Charlie Schmidt and his Aide, Dirk.   We toured the Western Area (the Panhandle) from November 2 thru November 8.  We were received at 18 Posts, toured the Capital Bldg, met with the Director of the Florida VA, attended a memorial service at the National Cemetery in Tallahassee.  We toured the Naval Air Museum in Pensacola and were given a guided tour of the Aero Space Academy.  What an experience that was.  While we were traveling around, we were escorted by the Legion Riders, whom I would like to personally thank for their service and attention to detail in getting us around.  Besides thanking the Riders, there are so many Legionnaires, Auxiliary and Sons members to thank in making the National Commander’s visit to Florida a success.  However, a special thanks to Eastern Area Commander Jim, 1st and 2nd Vice Commanders, James and Chuck for getting it done!  I must, also say, there was some great food served and we, also, dined at some fantastic seafood restaurants…Love those oysters!!

Following the Panhandle trip, we attended the Veterans Day Ceremony in Sarasota, which, also, included a parade down Main Street which was lined with hundreds of families. Thank you to Don and Patty Murphy Post 30 for inviting us.  The next day we were in Ft. Myers for their Parade.  I would like to thank Post 38 for inviting us.  We then went to Fall Conference, and then, off to Seminole Post 252 for the Veteran’s Thanksgiving dinner.  Prior to the dinner, there was a potato peeling chore which we met head on.  We peeled 175 lb of spuds and diced them in little over an hour. Once again, thanks to all who participated.  While in Seminole, we made some side trips to Post 104, 273, 158 and the treat at Dunedin Post 275, where we met with Past National Commander, Dale Barnett (visiting family in area).  A thank you to the aforementioned Post Commanders and staff for seeing we we’re well received.  A special thank you goes out to Past Department President Ruth Proctor for inviting us to her annual 8/40 luncheon .

Back to the business side, please keep up the good work membership wise. Concentrate on your renewals and do what you can to bring in new members. Also, remember donations to COTA (got $170 dancing with the guys!). Please keep them coming.

The Holiday season is coming, so please be safe, be extremely careful while driving and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

For God and Country
Dept Commander Joe Magee
“Lil Leprechaun Fighting for Vets”


Donation request letters – Be sure to double check where the letter is coming from…

There are other American Legion Departments, including the National Headquarters that are soliciting donations to the Florida membership. Please make sure you DOUBLE CHECK where the letter is coming from and where they’re asking you to send in your donations.

The Department of Florida DOES NOT receive any portion of the donations going to National and other Departments. In order to insure your donation is staying within our state and benefitting our Veterans and their families, send them to the Department of Florida Headquarters Office.

Check out these photos below. If you take a closer look, these mailings are from National Headquarters and the Department of Oklahoma.

NationalDirectMail   National_DonationCard   ReturnAddresses


Post Excellence Award:

The Post Excellence Award program honors posts that excellence in membership participation, youth activities, community service, and support to veterans and U.S. troops.


  • Membership. Post membership must be at least one member more than the previous year. A post officer must attend district meeting.
  • Youth activities. The post must sponsor and actively participate in a least one primary youth program: Boy Scouts of America or Junior Shooting Sports.
  • Community service. The post must organize a community service project that involves members of the Legion, Auxiliary or Sons of The American Legion. A monetary donation may only be one part of a project.
  • Service to troops or veterans. The post must organize a project supporting or veterans (for example, Family Support Network or Operation Comfort Warriors) that involves members of the Legion, Auxiliary or SAL outside the post. A monetary donation may only be one part of the project.


District Commander must certify Post as having fulfilled the four specified criteria, and submit a list of the posts name, address and commander’s name to department headquarters. If possible, accompany with copies of press releases submitted to local media that raise awareness for the project and enhance the Legion’s public image.


For more information, go to National’s website:

If you have any questions please let us know about first. or Call (407) 247-5232

Thank you for all you do for The American Legion Department of Florida!


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A Fisher House is “a home away from home” for families of patients receiving medical care at major military and VA medical centers. The homes are normally located within walking distance of the treatment facility or have transportation available. There are 64 Fisher Houses located in the United States and Germany.