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Commander's Corner

Commander’s Corner

Department Commander William "Rick" Johnson

Rick Johnson, Department Commander

May 2021

Upcoming Department Convention and MyLegion

We are getting closer to July and our Department Convention. I hope that everyone has seen the information –  please take a moment to pre-register and review the Posted safety protocols.

We have had a very busy year and have done our best to keep everyone safe. There will be some upcoming changes, for the betterment of our organization, coming soon. Please visit our website for the latest updates and information.

Unfortunately, there has been much misinformation spread amongst our organization, and a range of different views causing a disruption in our organization, as well as a waste of time and resources.  Three Posts and four individuals have prompted an internal investigation by National.  Your Department staff is gathering the needed evidence against these unfounded allegations, and we have hired council to protect our organization from any due harm. As a worst-case scenario, our charter could be suspended, again we are working diligently to ensure this does not happen and we are confident this investigation will yield results in our favor.

The DCCs are coming up to elect new officers, PLEASE SHOW UP and let your voice be heard. Elect these officers with your vote and confidence in those individuals most qualified to work toward the greater good.

CPRs are due again. Please be sure to complete the National CPR and the Department Addendum CPR. This information can be found at  It is important that you submit this information to maintain your charter.  It’s also our time to shine and show off the hard work we’ve put in all year.

District Commanders, ensure that all Posts have the information for the Department Convention and that you are assisting with their CPRs.

Well, what can I say? is in a state of emergency right now. We are unable to get reports for distribution, due the launch of National’s new system. I apologize for the shortcomings of this new system. While understandably, National is striving to provide a better more enhanced system, I feel this launch was premature and much more work is needed. It was also bad timing for such a change. As soon as we can pull reports, we will begin Posting them and distributing them once again.  Please bear with us, as we work through this with National.

The Homecoming was such a great success. It looked like everyone had a great time and Team 273, I cannot thank you enough for what you did for the event. The entertainment was top notch, and the food was out of this world. Such a great family there, continue doing what you are doing. Snappy, what can I say. You do such a great job in capturing everything on all events. You are likely the best I have seen since I have been involved in the Legion.

We are going to attempt to bring back golf before the convention as we used to years ago. So, sign up and have some fun. The flyer will be attached.

I want to say, thank You for all the support that you have shown to Department during these difficult times. Too many to list right now but you know who you are behind the scenes.

So, my Legion Family, thank you for what you do and continue to do, for the right reasons. I look forward to seeing everyone out there soon.

Americanism is the creed that has blazed the world-wide trail for justice, fair play, decency, belief in God, private enterprise, universal education, and progress in all human endeavors. It puts a premium on the virtues of loyalty, patriotism, hard work and thrift.

The word “inculcate” means “to impress by frequent admonitions” and “to enforce by frequent repetitions.” Like the duties themselves, the reminders that they remain to be carried forward, are never finished.

Service Honor Sacrifice
Tank Out
William “Rick” Johnson

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