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Rick Johnson, Department Commander

November 5, 2019
To: Members of The American Legion Department of Florida
On Friday June 28, 2019 at the American Legion Department of Florida Convention a motion was made to form a committee for National Commissions/Committee Appointments and Call-in selections from the Department of Florida.

The committee consists of the National Executive Committee Member (NEC), Department Commander, Department Adjutant, a Past Department Commander appointed by the National Executive Committee Member Alternate (NECA) and a member appointed by the Department Commander.
The motion was seconded and passed by the Department of Florida membership.

Below you will find a document entitled Appointments to National Commissions and Committees. You will see two (2) columns one titled “Committee Selection” which represents the work of the committee, you, the Department membership created by the above motion. The second column defined as “NEC Selection” defines the individuals appointed to the committee. NEC Boland submitted his list ignoring the list you, the membership demanded. The National Executive Committee Member (NEC) Dennis Boland states he has nothing to do with appointments.

Seems Past National Commander Jake Comer disagrees. In his message to our Alternate National Executive Committee member Art Schwabe, PNC Mr. Comer states” Disappointing to realize that you as ALT. NEC would not get up and remind the “haters of the national constitution” regarding NEC recommendations to the natl. cmdr (National Commander) who is the only one eligible to make appointments. Why is PNC Jake Comer involved? What position does he hold?

Long and the short of it, 72% of your Committee for National Commissions/Committee Appointments and Call-in selections were ignored by your National Executive Committee Member Mr. Boland. This is just to let you know how much your collective opinion means to NEC member Boland.

William “Rick” Johnson
American Legion Department of Florida
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