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The 2022 Florida Oratorical Contest, held March 12, 2022, was a great success!

Congratulations to all of our winners:

1st Place – $2,500
Represents Florida in National Contest
Kelsey Lopp
Northern Area, Post 27

2nd Place – $1,500
Nurfat Ishaque
Southern Area, Post 321

3rd Place – $1,000
Talmage Kanistras
Eastern Area, Post 243

$500 Winner
Isabel Bequer
Central Area, Post 5

$500 Winner
Richard Duyser
Western Area, Post 392

Special Thanks To:

All the Posts, Districts, and Area Chairmen that helped support these students with their journey to the State Contest.
Department Oratorical Chairman, Meri West, for her dedication and support for the Oratorical Program.
The Judges, Tabulators, and Time Keepers and staff for your help and support at the State Contest.
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2021-2022Kelsey Lopp