Department of Florida


Who provides transportation to and from the session?

Either the Post or parents/guardians can provide transportation to and from the session. Cadets will NOT be allowed to have their own car on premises during the week long session.


What do I need to bring?

  • You will need to bring Black BDU style pants, black dress shoes, athletic shoes, and any personal toiletries
  • Cadet’s will be issued an official uniform shirt, which will be worn at all times (except during recreational times)
  • Cadet’s will also be provided a uniform for physical training


How do I apply?

American Legion Posts are the ones that sponsor the young men and women. You will have to contact your Local Post to see if they would be willing to sponsor you to this program. The completed application and fee must be submitted to the American Legion, Department of Florida Headquarters by the Post in order for the Cadet to be eligible.