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March on Tallahassee

Next event to be announced soon.

The Legislature is in full swing and there have been over 3,500 bills filed. Of those bills, several have gained our attention and we are steadily tracking them for you. Please ensure that you have signed up for the mailing list so that you are aware of what legislation The Department of Florida is tracking and what you may be called upon to assist.

On January 19th, the American Legion Department of Florida had their day at the Capitol. The teams began meeting at Post 13 for a “Know before you go” briefing and you could tell that they were excited to hear what the day would entail. The teams were met by Rep. Anthony Sabatini, District 32, Lake County, who gave them some energy for the day by briefing them on what he was doing on behalf of veterans in the great state of Florida.

As the teams ascended on the capitol building they were assigned to meet with several legislators, where they discussed veteran issues as well as seeking information about what each legislator was doing for veteran-related issues. The teams were able to provide a history of the American Legion to each of the members of the legislature and it was beneficial for both the American Legion and each legislative member.

This year’s session has a primary focus outside of the mandatory budget and that is redistricting. We also have an interest in redistricting as this might add or subtract members from our own geographical areas. We will continue to monitor the legislative process through the conclusion of the 2022 session (ending on March 11th) and provide weekly updates. If you have specific questions concerning certain bills, please feel free to contact us at  We hope that you will be an important part of standing up for the rights of Veterans.

To sign up to receive weekly legislative updates, click here. Be sure to select ‘Legislative‘, and any other preferred topics, under Email Preferences..

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Weekly Updates

Week Nine

Week Nine: March 7, 2022 ~ What a crazy week last week was.  While the legislators were working overtime with late evenings most of the week, it will be very similar this week.  As we enter the final week of the regular session…yes, I said it. Looks like there will be a special session on the horizon.

When reading the tracking sheet, if it hasn’t been heard since the opening day, it more likely isn’t going to be heard this week. Next week, I will send out the final bill sheet and the results of the session.

View Week Nine Legislative Tracking

Week Eight

Week Eight: March 1, 2022 ~ We are on the home stretch. As we enter the last 2 weeks, both houses will be extremely busy. However, if you see the list, and the bill hasn’t been read since the beginning of the session (1/11/22), then more likely, it won’t move forward. Now, this isn’t guaranteed, but historically accurate.

An update on Boy’s State/Girl’s State funding. The House has us in the budget, however, the Senate doesn’t yet. This also is historical and has been added towards the end of the last week. Fingers crossed that we achieve the funding. We are requesting $200K, which compared to some budget requests should be an easy lift for the legislature.

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Week Seven

Week Seven: February 21, 2022 ~ Week seven is underway and with March 11th approaching fast, our legislators have a lot of work ahead of them. As it stands now, there are several bills that will not see the light of day for various reasons. We will continue to keep track otherwise and advise all of you who can make a difference if needed.

If there are specific bills that you might have a question about, feel free to reach out to me.

On another note, please see the information about the Memorial Bill that made it through and those who were involved.

View Week Seven Legislative Tracking

Week Six

Week Six: February 14, 2022 ~ Week six update! With the session officially in the second half, we are seeing progress. Some great takeaways last week were the movement of HB13/SB154, Property Tax Exemptions; HB45/SB554, Educational Opportunities for Disabled Veterans; HM63/SM302 Recognizing Veteran Suicide; HB115/SB232, State Park Fee Discount; l HB131/SB466, Military Medics and Corpsmen of Florida Program; HB465/SB438, United States Space Force; HB2103, Homeless Veteran Housing Assistance in Brevard County; HB2125, Veterans Access Clinic at Nova Southeastern University; HB2165, Florida Veterans Legal Helpline; HB2211, Veterans Entrepreneurship Initiative – Seminole County Expansion; HB2239, UCF-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Clinic for Florida Veterans and First Responders; HB 2249, Veterans Intervention Program; HB2255, Aspire Health Partners/Centerstone – Military Veterans and National Guard Mental Health Services; HB2259, Substance Use and Mental Health Treatment for Veterans; HB2291, Veterans in Crisis Emergency Fund; HB2371, Monument to Women Veterans.

While several of these are moving, there is still a lot of work to be done. We are currently working the halls and meeting with legislators to either get things moving or a companion bill worked up. If any of you have questions, feel free to contact me via email with a good contact number so that I can get back with you so we can discuss your ideas or concerns.

View Week Six Legislative Tracking

Week Five

Week Five: February 7, 2022 ~ Welcome to week five of the 2022 Legislative Session. I have added some additional bills to the tracking. The additions are basically funding for veteran-related programs or facilities. I do encourage each of you to take a moment to review the legislation behind each bill, especially if it is something that is close to your heart.

Additionally, we have had a conversation with DBPR’s Chief Attorney, Megan Kachur. She has formally stated that those who possess the beverage license 11C, are permitted to purchase from any vendor or distributor licensed in the state to sell alcoholic beverages. This does not apply to those who have an 11AL. Those canteens that are licensed under 11AL, need to either apply for the 11C or continue to purchase through a distributor only. If you have any questions in regards to this, please let me know. Below is her communication to us.

“I’m the Chief Attorney for the Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco and was forwarded your below inquiry. It’s my understanding that you had a phone call with the Division yesterday, so as follow-up to your call and upon review of your below inquiry, the Division would like to clarify that 11C club licensees are permitted to purchase alcoholic beverages for the purpose of resale from either vendors or distributors pursuant to section 565.02(4), Florida Statutes.”

View Week Five Legislative Tracking

Week Four

Week Four: January 31, 2022 ~ As we enter week four, the attached update of how each bill is fairing in the process. Please ensure that you are telling your comrades about the mail-list where they can sign up for updates as they come out. Not just for Legislative updates, but for other important information as well.

Thanks to all those who responded to the request about the type of beverage license each post possesses. This was very helpful in our discussion with DBPR and the enforcement section.

View Week Four Legislative Tracking

Week Three

Week Three: January 25, 2022 ~ As we begin week three of the legislative process, which will end on March 11th, there has been some great action. Several bills are moving while others are stagnant. Please stay tuned to upcoming weekly installments of the Legislative update.

View Week Three Legislative Tracking

Week Two

Week Two: January 18, 2022 ~ The Legislators calendared a bunch of items yesterday (Sunday 1/16) and may also calendar items today for the upcoming week. Those traveling to Tallahassee for the January Capitol event will get an updated list. All others will get the usual update next week. Please pay attention to the Department Facebook page for pictures and see who we have been chatting with.

View Week Two Legislative Tracking

Week One

Week One: January 10, 2022 ~As we embark on the first week of the legislative session for 2022, here is the list of bills that we are currently tracking. As items get scheduled for hearings and readings, we will update the information weekly.

View Week One Legislative Tracking