Blood Donor


Awards For Volunteer Blood Donors

AN IMPORTANT element in the success of your Post’s continuing Blood Donor Program is the recognition given to the donors and volunteer workers.

Your donors need to be aware of just how important their contributions really are. Keep adequate records of all donations. Publicize the program by listing the donors of each collection in your Post publication. Display their names on the post bulletin board.

American Legion Blood Donor Pins – Presented to individual donors, and those who reach significant quantity donations over an extended period.

Blood Donor Certificates – Presented at the discretion of the Post

Consult your current Emblem Sales Catalogue for description and prices.

Adequate recognition of both donors and volunteers, who help with the program, will help retain your participants and serve to recruit others.

Margaret Skaggs Memorial Requirements

  1. National Consolidated Post Report (CPR) and Department Addendum must be on file with the Department
  2. The report for judging must also contain the narrative explaining what you did to have a successful Blood Drive, include the number of donors and number of units of blood produced
  3. A Letter of verification from your blood center on their stationary

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