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From the Chairman

Loretta Young
JR Shooting Sports Chair

August 2021

New Semester, New Beginning

Welcome to all the new ROTC/JROTC/JSSP Chairmen and the seasoned returning supporters to our Legion Youth Programs. Getting an early start with the programs will assist you as chairmen and the youth and teams that you support, to meet the deadlines. Schools will shortly be getting back in session and early contact with the schools, instructors, team coaches, etc., is a key to making those deadlines. Making contact with the schools by email is usually the best method of reaching instructors due to their heavy demand during the day and not being available after school hours.

Introduce who you are and what the Legion has to offer with our Youth Programs. Let them know that your Post is available to support them in their programs and in return, they can assist the post with events, holiday programs, dinners, etc., that the Post has throughout the year. They can get community service hours for helping the Post, and it gives the Veterans a youthful shoulder to lean on. A win, win situation. We had the pleasure to meet our two JSSP Champions at the Department Convention. Our National JSSP Precision Winner from Sarasota Military Academy, Sophia Olazabal and our Sporter State Winner from Vanguard NJROTC in Ocala, Ariana Ramos.

The National JSSP Competition will be held in Colorado Springs July 21-24. Results will be posted on the National website. I will be attending as a Staff Member Volunteer and will follow up with an overview in the next Legion Link Article. As a reminder, the JSSP Marksmanship Postal Registration goes online on September 1st. All coaches must take the Safe Sport Training online course and pass the background check. Since this is all done online, the suggestion is for the Post to reimburse the team coach the $20 cost along with the cost of the targets, which are $15 each. All teams must also have the Affiliation Form filled out by the Post Commander sponsoring the team, which is submitted online at the time of registration. Several teams this last year who were already doing the marksmanship program ran out of time because this was not done. The deadline for entry is December 15th. Let’s see if the Department of Florida will have another State or National Champion.

I want to thank Commander Jerry Brandt for giving me the opportunity to serve the Department of Florida once again with this very worthwhile and rewarding program to promote our youth, the future of our country. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns, and I look forward to a very successful program this year.