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Legion Riders

Jim Wineland, American Legion Riders Chair

Wow, what a great turn out for our Summit this year. Who would of thought that when the Day’s started this four years ago with 246 room nights and it has now grown to 562 room nights in just four years? The feedback we have received from the Survey Monkey has all been positive and you’ve included some great ideas that we will look at for next year. I would also like to thank our instructors who took time out of the Legion schedules to support the Summit! All of you received excellent feedback from the survey.

Next year, we are really wrestling with our location for the Summit. International Palms will be torn down in March of next year but will still be available for our Summit in February 2021. It’s going to be very hard to find another location like the Palms at the same rate on the beach. We know the Palms won’t put in any extra money to maintain it, but just try to make do. If any of you have any ideas. Please let us know, it’s going to be hard to replace.

Our next project will be putting together Iceman’s Hockey Team game on March 28th. This will be the last home game before the playoffs. As ticket sales increase, it will unlock added benefits to the event. This is all new to us, we thought it would be more of a local event, but the Iceman organization wants to reach out to Lady Lakes and include all veterans with a donation going to PVR/SPI.

Click here to register for the Unity Ride. A lot of work has gone into this one. Jennifer Cooper has utilized a new product to assist in our sign up and fund raising for the Unity Ride. It even has an opportunity for someone to go on a virtual ride to help support PVR/SPI. Carrie has also done a great job setting up the Hotels and Maps for both routes. Once again, we are utilizing Laura at AAA to book our rooms. Our Chapter at Post 10 in Kissimmee have really done a great job getting this tied into the In-State Rally. Great teamwork putting this all together!

The actual Unity Ride will start on Monday, April 27th, and end on May 1st, followed by our Rally on Saturday May 2 at Orlando Harley South. Net proceeds will go to PVR as always, and the “Round Robin” will be extended to include May 2. FYI, hotel in Marathon for Sunday Night April 26th, Blackfin, call Chris at 407 314 7181, it’s $135 a night for any room. It’s the cheapest we could find.

Once again, Thank You for what you do, and I am proud to be the Chairman of such a great group!

Jim Wineland
American Legion Riders

“For the Cause, not the applause.”