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Jim Wineland

Jim Wineland

I’ve been appointed your ALR Chairman for 2019/2020 by the incoming Commander Rick Johnson. I’m honored to have another year as your ALR Chairman. Beverly Wooten will continue as your Adjutant/Finance Officer; Tim Morris will be our Sergeant at Arms. Wayne Wooten will continue as our New Chapter Development Officer and we’ve added Sonny Decker to the team to help were needed and get him involved in the ALR Department operations. During this last year we also added our Department Safety Officer Brad Roberson and Grace Lord as our Public Relations Safety Coordinator. We are still looking for a Chaplain for next year; Bill are you interested?

Beverly and I are putting together the agendas for both the Chairman’s meeting Thursday at 3:30 and the General Session Friday afternoon at 4:00 PM at Convention. If you have anything you would like to add please let us know ASAP.

If a District is planning a big event for 2019/2020, please bring it up at Convention or sooner, so we can get it on the Department Calendar.

We are reviewing all procedures and will be making some changes based on your feedback.

Some dates to save for 2020: Department Convention. As it stands now, we will have the Chairman’s meeting on Thursday from 3:30 to 5:30 and the ALR General Session Friday afternoon from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM. We will have more info to follow.

After Convention we have the National Legacy Ride to the National Convention starting from Post 347 in Lady Lakes in August, more information to come. We should fill this up with the riders from Florida, even if you can only ride a couple of days.

Summit will be at the same location from February 6th through the 8th. We are trying something new with the Unity Ride next year. We will have two rides scheduled at the same time, one coming out of the Panhandle and the other starting at Post 154 in Marathon. The meet and greet will be on April 26th at Post 154 in Marathon and the Panhandle meet and greet is yet to be determined.

The actual Unity Ride will start on Monday, April 27th and end on May 1st, followed by our Rally on Saturday in the Kissimmee area. Net proceeds will go to Project: VetRelief (PVR) as always and the Round Robin will be extended to include May 2nd.

As you know, we support the PVR/SPI. Here are some stats that I wanted to share with you. I don’t believe there is anyone out there that doesn’t know someone or someone in your family has been affected by PTSD or maybe it’s you.

  • Combat fatigue -> shell shock-> war neurosis-> Post-Traumatic Stress Disease (PTSD)
  • War veterans from Vietnam, Persian Gulf, and Iraq/Afghanistan
    • Vietnam: 15% men and 9% female with PTSD; increase over lifetime after war, 30% men and 27% women (Source: National Vietnam Veterans Readjustment Study (NVVRS))
    • Persian Gulf: (1991-2019) Increase over time of 9% – 24%
    • Iraq/Afghanistan: attacked or ambushed (92%), seeing dead bodies (94.5%), being shot at (95%), and/or knowing someone who was seriously injured or killed (86.5%). After deployment 12.5% had PTSD. In 3 mos. 9% to 12 mos. at 31% and increasing over time.

If you missed the Coral-Head Music-Festival and don’t miss out on their new concert this year in England Bros, Pinellas Park, November 2-3. The events support Project: VetRelief. Make sure you get it on your calendar. If you want to volunteer, call Rich at 305-942-9862.
Once again, thank you for what you do, and I am proud to be the Chairman of such a great group!

Jim Wineland
ALR Chairman

June 2019

“Cause not the applause”