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Jim Wineland

Jim Wineland

The Summit is behind us now and it’s time to move forward with our schedule for the balance of the year, but before we do, please take a minute and fill out the questions on the Summit Survey Monkey. Your opinion means a lot to us in planning for next year. Oh, by the way, mark your calendars; the Summit contract has been signed for 2020. It’s scheduled for Thursday, February 6th, through Saturday, February 8, 2020.

Just a quick overview of the 2019 Summit: we had 301 attendees over the three days in multiple classes; we totaled 715 participants; we had visitors from AL, OH, IL, VA, & DE; our National ALR Chairman Bob Sussan; Department officials Past/Present; 5/6 Area Chairs and 9/16 District Chairs. Chapters Represented by Area: Central 8, Southern 5, Western 7, Southwestern 10, Northern 13, & Eastern 12. Thank you to all who attended.

A special Thanks to Beverly Wooten for all her support and all the individuals that manned the tables! It goes without saying without the support of the Department Staff this would of never happen, so if you get a chance, send them a little note and tell them THANK YOU!

Something to think about. Elections and appointments are just around the corner. If you are interested in an appointed position within the ALR Committee or Area/District Chairs, please let it be known so the information can be shared.

The next activity on our agenda is planning for the Project Vet Relief, Suicide Prevention Initiative local and District fund raising. If you choose to participate, collections started on February 15th and every dollar raised will count toward the Round Robin in April.

Carried forward from last month’s Article: We have a lot going on, but I think there’s one thing that may have slipped through our fingers! Looking through our Fall Conference notes, a motion was made and passed to recognize March 16, 2019, as our hundredth birthday. The second part of the motion was to ride 100 miles to acknowledge the 100-year anniversary and raise money for Hurricane Relief to be donated to Post 375. Just to refresh your memory Post 375’s’ building was destroyed in the storm. See what you can accomplish and send the dollars their way. The only change is the day of the month since many areas already planned something on this date. We just ask that you please pick a date in the month and ride 100 miles. Thank you.

The In-State Unity Ride will begin in Tampa on Sunday, April 7, with a meet & greet, and the ride will start Monday morning and end on Friday, April 12, at Post 110. We will be stopping at Post 20 along the way, picking up donations for PVR, Suicide Prevention Initiative. Remember, all dollars collected go toward the trophy dash. Don’t forget to check the website and utilize AAA to get those room reservations.

On Saturday, April 13, we will be leaving Post 110 for the State Rally. Post 103 has a special event for us to participate in on our way to the State Rally at Post 111. Post 111 in the Tampa area will host the Rally and they are really working on making this an event to remember.

Don’t miss it: The Coral-Head Music Festival has already passed but the new concert this year is in England Bros Park, Pinellas Park, November 2-3. Their events support Project Vet Relief. Make sure you get it on your calendar. If you want to volunteer, call Rich at 305-942-9862.

As I mentioned before, one of the advantages of doing these Department activities all in the same month is that it frees up the Riders to support the local events at their Posts and Districts which is a big part of our mission statement. This was brought up in the survey to try to minimize Department activities because of the out of pocket costs and time involved.

Once again, thank you for what you do, and I am proud to be the Chairman of such a great group!

Jim Wineland
ALR Chairman

February 15, 2019

“Cause not the applause”