Department of Florida

From the Chairman

Legion Riders

I once again have the honor of representing the Florida ALR for the 2017-2018 year. Commander Stephen Shuga is dedicated to the ALR and has great compassion for the Legion Family.

We have a great slate of leadership for Florida this year. Our motto “For the Cause, not the applause”, has caught on Nationally. We will continue to work together, build communication and do what we do as FALR…..get things done.

Welcome to 2017-2018 year. The following is the ALR Leadership Team:

Department ALR Leadership

  • Jim Day, ALR Chairma
  • Jim Wineland, ALR Vice Chairman
  • Diane Tucker, ALR Chaplain
  • Jennifer Day, ALR Adjutant
  • Mike Kirchoff, National ALR Committee Southern Area

Area ALR Leadership

  • Jim Bowers, Western Area
  • Tom Voelz, Northern Area
  • Ed Fawlkoski, Eastern Area
  • Wayne Wooten, Central Area
  • Terry Gallagher, SW Area
  • Julio Sanchez, Southern Area

District ALR Leadership

  • Sonny Decker & Danny Davis, District 1
  • Jim Brennan, District 2
  • Phil Smith, District 3
  • Robin Gardener, District 4
  • Dale Fish, District 5
  • Joseph Marchegiani, District 6
  • Allen Knox, District 7
  • Gus Gustafason, District 8
  • Jim “Jimbo” Drinkwater, District 9
  • Darrell Schuler, District 11
  • Ed Parker, District 12
  • TBA District 13
  • Robert Gauthier Jr., District 14
  • Wayne Wooten, District 15
  • Robert Cannon, District 16
  • Loren King District 17


With the 1st ALR Summit having great success in Jan 2017, we will be holding a 2nd ALR Summit in January of 2018. Same location has been selected as they were very accommodating to our needs last year. We will once again have all the great classes with a few additions for this year. Information can be found under the Summit tap on the ALR page.

Project Vet Relief will once again be the recipient of funds raised from the 3rd Florida ALR Round Robin to be held the entire month of October. That means there is an opportunity for another District to steal that trophy away from District 5. Rules have changed slightly so, be sure to check the tab for Round Robin.

The annual ride conducted in the spring will be changing slightly to support our local programs. The 2018 Florida Legacy/Unity ride will be dividing the funds raised to support National American Legion Legacy Scholarship fund and our own local Florida American Legion Family Programs. The ride will be going into Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida. We will be starting in north Florida and ending in Panama City. We will attend a memorial in Georgia, a museum in Mississippi, Natchez Trace, a wreath laying and the USS Alabama and The Wall South. Check out the 2018 FALR Legacy/Unity tab.


Just a quick reminder. In order to be a member of The American Legion Riders persons MUST be a member of The American Legion, The American Legion Auxiliary or The Sons of the American Legion. There are no exceptions to this rule and it is clearly outlined in Resolution 35. Honorary, Support and Volunteer status is for members of The American Legion Family that do no own/operate a motorcycle and do not meet one of the 2 exceptions set forth in Resolution 32. No person outside of The American Legion Family has the permission to represent American Legion Riders.

The Department of Florida only recognizes the title of Chapter Director and Chapter Vice Director. The titles of President and Vice President are not acceptable.

The Legion Link will be monthly going forward, so stay tuned for more information.

I look forward to having another great year with another great team of Legion Riders.

Legion Riders Chairman
Jim Day