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From the Chairman

Legion Riders

Jim Wineland, American Legion Riders Chair


The Convention is behind us, and it’s time to put the final touches on our 2019-2020 schedule. I want to thank all involved that made this Convention a success. It was evident in our General Session that we are a successful program, but it’s up to us to project a clear message on our purpose and that we are family first.

I would also like to thank Jennifer Cooper, Fundraising Director, for presenting “The Meritorious Service Award” from PVR to The American Legion Riders. It was an honor to receive this award on behalf of ALR.

Joe Marcheggiani, our new Post 10 Commander, is looking at setting up a new internal program, Junior Riders, for the ALR. It’s going to be interesting.

Remember, in my last article; Sonny Decker was going to get involved to help build the program. He’s going to develop an advertising program through some of the Legion Rider’s magazines in Florida. I know we have a few connections already established and I know he’s looking for those individuals to guide us. We are looking at advertising our two Unity Rides and our Rally in Kissimmee. Beverly & Wayne have big plans for that Rally.

Another individual has stepped up, Jeff Hawk, and is trying to find us a venue to hold our Rally in Kissimmee. I think he has it narrowed down to just three locations. I know he will keep us posted.

Don’t forget about American Legion Baseball! On Saturday, August 10th at 4:30 PM is Riders Day at the Southeast Regional Tournament. It will be held at the University of Tampa Stadium. We are to ride into the Stadium, and someone is going throw the first pitch.

National Legacy Ride to the National Convention starting from Post 347 in Lady Lakes in August, here is the link; check it out. We should fill this up with the riders from Florida, even if you can only ride a couple of days.

Some dates to save for 2020: Summit will be at the same location from February 6th through the 8th. We are trying something new with the Unity Ride next year. We will have two rides scheduled at the same time, one coming out of the Panhandle and the other starting at Post 154 in Marathon. The meet and greet will be on April 26th at Post 154 in Marathon, and the Panhandle M&G is yet to be determined.

The actual Unity Ride will start on Monday, April 27th and end on May 1st followed by our Rally on Saturday in the Kissimmee area. Net proceeds will go to PVR as always, and the “Round Robin” will be extended to include May 2.

Don’t miss it, “Coral-Head Music-Festival and their new concert this year in England Bros, Pinellas Park, November 2-3. Their events support “Project Vet Relief, make sure you get it on your calendar. If you want to volunteer, Call Rich at 305 942 9862.

I do have one question before I close, which cover is the only one recognized by The American Legion Rider’s?
Once again, Thank You for what you do, and I am proud to be the Chairman of such a great group!

Jim Wineland
American Legion Riders

“For the Cause, not the applause.”