Department of Florida

From the Chairman

Legion Riders

I look forward to another year of continued growth or the Florida American Legion Riders. What a great year we had last year getting our foundation and communication strong. Now it’s time to focus on the details and build the ALR to new levels.

Welcome to 2016-2017 year. The following is the ALR Leadership Team:

Department ALR Leadership

  • Jim Day, ALR Chairman
  • Manny Ayala, ALR Vice Chairman
  • George Rollinson, ALR Judge Advocate
  • Diane Tucker, ALR Chaplain
  • Jennifer Day, ALR Adjutant
  • Mike Kirchoff, Legacy Chairman / Advisor

Area ALR Leadership

  • Jim Bowers, Western Area
  • Jim Wineland, Northern Area
  • Ed Milnor, Eastern Area
  • John Makal, Central Area
  • George Becker, SW Area
  • Bill “Chuy” Conder, Southern Area

District ALR Leadership

  • Steve Davidson, District 1
  • Terry Brannon, District 2
  • Mike Hutto, District 3
  • Tom Voelz, District 4
  • Rusty Crowdus, District 5
  • Ed Falkowski, District 6
  • David Tucker ,District 7
  • John Robinson III, District 8
  • Jim “Jimbo” Drinkwater, District 9
  • Frank Maitland, District 11
  • Ed Parker, District 12
  • Rodney Hollingsworth, District 13
  • Gary Decker, District 14
  • Tom Cobb, District 15
  • John Sloat,  District 16
  • Loren King District 17


Very exciting things are planned for this year and one of those is our very own 1st Florida ALR Summit. We are calling it a “summit” so we don’t confuse the meetings with the annual Convention and Conference. The focus should always be on serving our Legion Family first. That being said, the demand was great for time away from the annual meetings to focus on how the ALR can work to build and support or Legion Family. A flyer and registration will be up for the ALR Summit beginning 1 Aug 2016.

Project Vet Relief will once again be the recipient of funds raised from the 2nd Florida ALR Round Robin to be held the entire month of October. That means there is an opportunity for another District to steal that trophy away from District 1. Rules will be the same and registration, flyers and forms will be online beginning 1 Sept 2016.


Just a quick reminder. In order to be a member of The American Legion Riders persons MUST be a member of The American Legion, The American Legion Auxiliary or The Sons of the American Legion. There are no exceptions to this rule and it is clearly outlined in Resolution 35. Honorary, Support and Volunteer status is for members of The American Legion Family that do no own/operate a motorcycle and do not meet on of the 2 exceptions set forth in Resolution 32. No person outside of The American Legion Family has the permission to represent American Legion Riders.

The Department of Florida only recognizes the title of Chapter Director and Chapter Vice Director. The titles of President and Vice President are not acceptable.


Many of you saw that recently our Past ALR Chairman and current Southern Area National ALR Committee member Mike “Goat” Kirchoff was in a low speed accident. If he had not been wearing his DOT helmet, full gloves, pants, boots and long sleeve shirt, he would have had much more than aches and pains.  Heads up out there on other drivers and the importance of safety gear. Goat’s accident happened just miles from home on a quick trip in town.

The Legion Link will be monthly going forward, so stay tuned for more information.

I look forward to having another great year with another great team of Legion Riders.

Legion Riders Chairman
Jim Day