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American Legion Riders: Chair

From the Chairman

April 2022

Sometimes, as hard as we may try to keep things on schedule, it will slip through your fingers. Well, that is what happened to the March Article. After the Summit, we began working on the Jacksonville Beach / Ocean Beaches Post 129’s Challenge 22 event, and the article just didn’t happen. So moving on to April’s….

Thank you to those who submitted feedback on the Summit. After reviewing your remarks on Survey Monkey, Beverly and I are pleased with your overall response. We have taken note of your suggestions and will try to make curriculum changes for next year. Thanks again for taking the time to fill out the survey.

WOW, April already and it is “Round Robin” month! It’s going to be an exciting one. With everything going on, besides the Unity Ride and Rally, there are Area Balls, Poker Runs, Picnics, and other charity events all month long. This will give us plenty of opportunities to ride all month. Please ride safe, perform the proper safety briefings, and be your brother’s keeper, so we can spend time with both our families, Legion and our own.

Joe Marcheggiani, Bobby Greer, and Wayne Parrott will be out riding and double-checking all the routes of the Unity Ride. I understand he has had a lot of help from some of the local folks as well.

Sorry about all the hotel issues, but it is the sign of the times after COVID. When we were checking the hotels, they would not let us reserve a block of rooms and their flexibility on any kind of price breaks was gone. It was a real pain working with the hotels.
Orange County Chopper, and Barracuda Harley, here we come. They have been great to work with and may have a big surprise on the ride in. Again, I cannot thank them enough, they have really bent over backward to make this a big event

Must give Joe Marcheggiani, our Road Captain, Assistant Chair, and Jeff Hawk our Event Coordinator a big “Hand” for all the dedication and work they have completed!
If you have any ideas, please share! Again, Thank You for all your Efforts!

Here is our tentative schedule for the balance of the year.

  • Round Robin
    April 2022
  • Children & Youth Picnic
    April 9, 2022, Post 1
  • Meet & Greet
    April 24, 2022, Post 57
  • In-State Unity Ride
    April 25 – 29, 2022
  • Rally
    April 30, 2022

Beverly and I would like to thank each of you for the support we received! Thank You for what you do, and we are proud to be part of your Leadership Team for such an excellent group!

“For the Clause. Not the Applause”

Jim Wineland
American Legion Riders

“For the Cause, not the applause.”