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American Legion Riders: Chair

From the Chairman

Jim Wineland

Jim Wineland
ALR Chairman

October 2020

Legion Riders Upcoming Events

It finally happened, the “Round Robin” trophy made it to District 15! Sorry I could not make it for the trophy exchange or celebration due to a family emergency. The emergency did not take away from how proud we are of the 15th District. Watching the numbers during that month, you could see the momentum shift from district to district. Again, congratulations Steve Tyler and the Chapters of District 15, well played! Sonny, I hope you remembered the way down to the 15th, from the looks of things they’ve got the “Mo” on there side and you might have to bring the “Children & Youth” trophy to them. Watch out, they are on a roll!

Our next event is the October “Merry Go Round” which is this month. We our going to run the event through the same program as the “Round Robin”. As this article is written in the middle of September, we are still putting all the pieces together and the information will be posted on our website. Good luck and watch out for the 15th District, they have a plan.

Make sure this year’s Children & Youth Picnic is on your calendar. It will be held at Post 1 on April 3, 2021 from 12p to 6PM. Hope to see you there, the kids really enjoy the bikes.

As you know by now the Fall Conference has been cancelled. Tom Voelz was scheduled to roll out a new approach to selecting Chapter or Chapters of the year at the Conference. We will post the new program on our website and schedule “online” training. We will ask Tom to explain the program and answer any questions. Over the last few years, we only have two or three Chapters putting in for the award. We really need to get more chapters involved.

The Summit, per last month’s article, we are considering a new venue for the Summit. We currently have it narrowed down to two hotels, both in Orlando. As I mentioned last month, it’s hard to find a place that will let us have all the same activities we enjoyed at the International Palms. Wish I could snap a picture when I ask for 6 fire pits, it is worth a thousand words. I will get this finalized as soon as all the numbers come together and get it posted on our website.

As I have mentioned before, Bev and I are looking for a little help. We are a little ahead of the schedule because we moved unused plans from last year to this, but we need more individuals to get involved and ready to step up as the needs of the program change.
Again, Thank You for all your Efforts!
We already have our schedule put together for next year. More info coming. Here is our tentative schedule for next year for your review and comments

  • October – all month, Merry Go Round – For Children & Youth
  • November 5-8, Fall Conference – Cancelled
  • Summit – February 3, Wednesday – Meet & Greet 6P – 8P
  • Summit – February 4, 5, & 6 – Classroom, we may add AM Sunday for Road Captain Training
  • April – all month, Round Robin, PVR/SPI
  • April 18th Meet & Greet at Marathon & Pensacola Fl.
  • April 19th through 23rd North & South In-State Unity Rides
  • April 24th In-State-Rally, Harley South Kissimmee Fl.
  • June 16th – 19th, Department Convention

Beverly and I would like to thank each of you for the support we received this last year! Thank You for what you do, and we are proud to be part of your Leadership Team of such a great group!

Jim Wineland
American Legion Riders

“For the Cause, not the applause.”