Department of Florida


Identifying Risks, Services, and Prevention for Women Veterans

The main goal for the American Legion, Department of Florida is to assist our veterans, especially the women who have served. We understand that it is not easy to discuss personal matters that have happened while serving. The Women’s Veteran Advocacy program is an anonymous group of woman that come together to help each other comp with transitioning from active duty and dealing with physical and mental health issues. We provide:

A point of contact for complaint resolutions and issues with Florida VA systems in direct correlation with the care of female veterans: Women’s Health, mental health, VA guided Homeless program, and any necessary organizations to assist FL Female Legionnaires.

  • Assist in teaching female claim statements and necessary information on sensitive topics such as MST to assist service officers in filing complicated claims.
  • Oversee and present new programs to the American Legion needed to add to the specific needs of our female veterans IE Job Fairs, Female combat PTSD programs, Women in crisis relief fund and hotline, Newsletters, gender bias education as needed. Groups- women therapies and counselling that does not presently exist in VA system.
  • Spokesperson for all affairs dealing and pertaining to Florida female veterans.
  • Research and report major issues effecting female veterans, to bring these issues to the forefront of the American Legion and its supporters.
  • Serve as a liaison to the Department Commander of the Florida American Legion on Veterans’ Services on behalf of women veterans.
  • Planned meetings and outreach activities, conferences, scheduling visits to various Posts in the state of Florida.

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Women Veterans Chairman
Cherie Korn