Junior Shooting Sports: Chair

From the Chairman

Loretta Young
JR Shooting Sports Chair

November 2023

JROTC – STEM Inaugural Workshop at Boyd Anderson High School

I was privileged to attend the Broward County Inaugural Drone Jamboree and Workshop held at Boyd Anderson HS in North Lauderdale for an entire day of activities. This was in partnership with the STEM and Computer Science Team of Broward County School District. They hosted more than 150 students throughout the day, building drones, coding, flying through obstacle courses, delivering mock buildings, racing, etc. It was an entire day of learning, applying STEM skills, and enjoyment for the youth from several different schools within the district. This project gives a clear understanding of the future careers for our students within our society for flying drones for delivery services, police and rescue missions, weather conditions, and many more opportunities not yet discovered. There was the assistance of the educators, drone staff, instructors, referees, chaperones, and many others who worked hard to make this event and experience a success. Many thanks to all, and we look forward to seeing more of these events in the future. Please share any experiences that you have within the state with me so we can keep our Posts and members advised of all the good things happening with our youth programs.

I have also been sending out emails to request the progress of the JSSP First Round Postal Competition, which began registration on September 1st, and final registration is Dec. 15. please contact me with any questions or concerns with the application process. Thanks so much to all of you who support our Youth Programs, and may you have continued success.

Loretta Young