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Junior Shooting Sports: Chair

From the Chairman

Loretta Young
JR Shooting Sports Chair

January 2021

JSSP Postal Match

The JSSP Postal Match registration has now expired as of December 15th. Overall, as explained in prior articles, it has been extremely difficult to get teams registered here in Florida within the schools. Many of the school programs are still working virtually with limited after school activities.

This leaves the tournament to be conducted through private shooting clubs and is something our posts should be promoting to increase our presence in Florida. These teams for example, can be formed through the Scouting Program, 4 H Clubs or by starting a team within your post. Postal Targets can be setup in the clubhouse at a time when the post is not busy, such as an early Saturday morning. There is complete information in the Legion Link for setting up a Shooting Sports Team. Having a certified coach, proper insurance for the post, portable air gun backdrops such as Creedmoor, and a couple of volunteers to coordinate your program is a start.

There are still posts that are not familiar with the new total online registration that includes the “Risk Management” training and background check for all the coaches who are working with the teams and submitting the applications which are processed through the Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP). These requirements are in place for all our Legion Youth Programs and do take additional time to complete, so last-minute registration is complicating the process because the deadline cannot be extended.

I was able to speak with the Team Coach/Instructor, SFC (Ret) Riess Pellegrino with the Sarasota Military Academy who is sponsored by Post 266 while they were competing at CMP this month. This team was our 2019/20 Florida Team State Champions and received recognition from the American Legion National JSSP Department. This is a Team photo of the Sarasota Military Academy at the Marksmanship Meet which was held in Anniston, Alabama.

I would like to thank SFC (Ret) Pellegrino for all his hard work and dedication to our Youth and Programs that is an investment in their future and our futures as well. It takes a lot of time and extra effort to travel with the cadets and encourage them to excel as this team has done. Kudos to all! Also, many thanks to Post 266 who has continued to support our American Legion Programs. You are an example to follow and wishing the post continued success. I’m looking forward to more success for next year and may everyone have a Safe and Pleasant Holiday Season.

Any questions may be directed to The American Legion Junior Shooting Sports program manager at American Legion National Headquarters by sending an email to or calling (317) 630-1203.