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Homeless Veteran Outreach: Chair

From the Chairman

Did you know: Veterans make up 16 percent of our nation’s total adult homeless population?

The American Legion understands this cause is a huge concern and has put forth the Homeless Veterans Task Force to urge each State Department to work with their local public and private sector agencies and organizations to ensure local services and resources are available to homeless veterans and their families.

To help our struggling brothers-in-arms, the Legion works on a global level, lobbying for legislation affecting veteran homelessness, and acts on a local level, directly assisting veterans who have fallen on tough times and are without a place to live or facing the prospect of it.

Our Department Homeless Veterans Chairman, Al “Gunner” Dudley collaborates with homeless service providers and veterans service organizations to develop and implement initiatives that will help homeless veterans. Gunner also teaches a Homeless Veteran Outreach Training Class at our Department Fall Conference and Summer Convention.

A veteran who is homeless or facing possible homelessness can contact our Department Chairman or their local FL American Legion Post, who will provide guidance and assistance to the veteran and his or her family.

The American Legion, Department of Florida puts every effort to offer the following:

  • A Homeless Women Veterans outreach program and spokesperson that investigates and reports complaints from veterans on mistreatment and guideline infractions perpetrated by the VA Health System Homeless program. Please contact our Department Women Veterans Chairman, Deanna Hall at if you have any questions.
  • Classes to educate American Legion Post Service Officers on proper claims for HOMELESS VETERANS and how to expedite those claims eliminating long wait periods for veterans in crisis.

For all inquiries on veteran homelessness and Legion outreach efforts, contact:

Al “Gunner” Dudley
Homeless Veterans Chair