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Employer Awards: Chair

From the Chairman

August 2020

Applying for Job Tips

The job market has drastically changed the last four months going from having more job openings than potential employees to over 13% unemployment caused by the massive layoffs during the Covid-19 lockdowns.

Unemployed veterans now must struggle with the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) website in order to verify their unemployment and search other websites to find and apply for jobs. I have listed a few of the websites below.

When applying for jobs on these websites the veteran uploads their resume and then waits hoping they will get a phone interview. According to an article on “Why Is It so Hard to Find a Job in 2020? (+ What You Should Do) Written by Caitlin Proctor Career Expert, ZipJob each job posting will receive 250 resumes. 75% of these applications will be rejected by computer Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Only 4-6 people will receive a phone interview.

It is very important to have a resume that will get past the ATS to be reviewed by the employer. The website has a free resume check that will help the veteran create a better resume. Make sure the veteran is applying for a job that matches their skills. Employers want employees that are able to instantly benefit the company.

Remind veterans that some of the best jobs are found by networking. Talk to friends, family and former work associates to see if they know of any opportunities. I recommend everyone looking for a job go to the website to review all of the different free tools that are available.

Dusty Douglas
Employment Chair


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