Blood Donor

Donor Requirements

  • Must be 17 years old (No upper age limit as long as healthy)
  • Weigh at least 100 pounds
  • Never had Hepatitis
  • Be free of ALL cold and flu symptoms (or infection) on the day of donation
  • Not have been pregnant within past 6 weeks (or pregnant now)
  • No recent surgery
  • No recent blood transfusion
  • Cancer – 5 year wait and must be medication and symptom free
  • Heart disease or heart medication – Must have a written doctor’s permit stating it is OK to donate (If you are on a blood thinner, you will not be able to donate)
  • Diabetes – Diet controlled or taking oral medications, OK to donate. Insulin injections require a doctor’s permit
  • Blood pressure medication – OK to donate but must wait 2 hours after taking or take medication after donating
  • Must eat breakfast and/or lunch before donating. DO NOT donate on an empty stomach
  • Aspirin – OK to donate, just let staff know how much and when taken
  • Antibiotics – must wait five days from last dose before donating
  • Must not have exposure to anyone with AIDS. Exception: nurse, doctor, paramedic, etc
  • Malaria – Must wait 3 years and be medication and symptom free
  • Travel to Malarial area – Must wait 6 months before donating