Department of Florida



The American Legion, Department of Florida offers scholarships for:
1st Place – $2,500
2nd Place – $1,500
3rd Place – $1,000
4th Place – $500

The 1st Place winner’s application will be sent to the American Legion National Headquarters for a chance to win a $10,000 scholarship.

Eligibility: Must have earned Eagle Award and religious emblem, must be a High school student and Florida resident, must be in a troop chartered to an American Legion Post or the son or grandson of a Legion Member or parent eligible to join The American Legion Department of Florida.

Deadline: March 1 of current school year

Send Application to:
American Legion, Department of Florida Headquarters
Attn: Programs Director
PO Box 547859
Orlando, FL 32854-7859

Questions?: Bekki Tibbs, Programs Director; programs@floridalegion.org OR 800-393-3378 ext. 235

We are currently working on this year’s application. 


The American Legion’s Square Knot Award recognizes members of the American Legion family who are dedicated to and actively involved in furthering the Boy Scouts of America program. The recipient receives a certificate and a gold and purple Square Knot that may be worn on a Scout uniform. The American Legion National Commander also presents a congratulatory letter. Typically, The American Legion Square Knot is presented to the recipient at the Department Convention in July. The Boy Scouts of America’s Community Organizer Knot is used as the American Legion’s Square Knot on the BSA uniform. This particular knot is used to represent multiple service organizations such as The American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, the Department of Defense-United States Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal, and others. If an American Legion family member earns The American Legion’s Square Knot Award and already has one of the other 19 qualifying BSA Community Organizer Knots, he or she may be authorized to wear a device(s) on the knot to signify the number of awards earned.

To submit the award application, nominees must submit a memorandum from their post outlining their service and a separate application document that outlines the requirements fulfilled, dates, and specifically how those requirements were fulfilled. Fulfillment of the knot criteria requires substantiating documents such as training certificates, copies of the BSA Unit’s recharter packets for tenure, information from www.scoutbook.com or www.my.scouting.org, etc. Example memorandums and applications are below in Microsoft Word for your convenience.

Download Application