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Florida Legion College

Florida Legion College

Next class is December 14-17, 2023

The Florida American Legion College (FALC) is dedicated to improving leadership skills by stressing personal growth and development. We thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to consider attending this training which is offered on an annual basis. Leadership development can provide opportunities for members to learn what they want to know, to arouse personal initiative, and most of all aids us in developing that characteristic of leadership that lies to some degree within all of us. Knowledge will give us the understanding that a leader is always learning, always doing, always teaching what he/she knows how to work through others and has an understanding of people, post, and community needs.

The college and its course content has been designed to help you do a job more easily and efficiently. Use what you learn to help plan, develop, and carry out the programs in our organization. Use it to review and stimulate your course of action and your position. Use it in connection with The American Legion Officers Guide and Manual of Ceremonies.

Good leadership brings vitality and respect to you and to your organization, always remembering that YOU ARE the organization in the eyes of the public. The Florida American Legion College is designed to assist Leaders and future Leaders of The American Legion and should be used in conjunction with The American Legion Officers Guide, The American Legion Extension Institute and various publications of The American Legion and the Department of Florida.




  • TBA

*Schedule is subject to change.


Some of the Topics

  • Leadership and mentoring
  • Communicate using face to face, social media and written communications
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Team building to set and accomplish goals
  • Develop or broaden networking skills
  • Develop, instruct and support Posts, Districts and Department level training


Choose one of the following options:

  • $100 Fee – Includes course, course materials, coffee, lunches, and no lodging.
  • $300 Fee – Includes course, course materials, coffee, lunches, and three nights of shared lodging accommodations.
  • $493 Fee – Includes course, course materials, coffee, lunches, and three nights of individual lodging accommodations.


The deadline for applications and the application fee is October 31, 2023. Registration fee MUST accompany the application and essay.

Download Application


The Florida American Legion College Committee

In November 2016 the Department of Florida Executive Committee voted to form a Florida Legion College Committee. This committee is charged with the responsibility to plan, execute and monitor the college class. The committee membership consists of:

  • Department Commander Michael Raymond
  • Department 2nd Vice-Commander Jessica Moore
  • Department Adjutant Bruce Comer
  • Jim Ramos, FALC Chair
  • Lena Heredia-Perez, Northern Area Commander