American Legion Riders: Capture the Plaque

Capture the Plaque


  1. Chapters MUST have their own Plaque and in their possession to play the game. (example: If another chapter has your plaque, you may NOT capture another chapter’s until you retrieve your own). “POSSESSION” …. If your starting point is at your Post, The Plaque must be on visible display at your Post. ** DO NOT TAKE THE PLAQUE WITH YOU!** If you are retrieving your Plaque, it is now in your possession, and you may capture another Chapter’s Plaque.
  2. Chapters Must have a minimum of 5 ALR Members to retrieve or capture the Plaque. Riders are not required to be on a motorcycle to participate in the game.
  3. The Plaque may not be hidden from potential captures
  4. Plaque must be protected while in transit to avoid abrasions
  5. There is no limit as to how many plaques can be captured in a single day
  6. Once a Chapter retrieves their Plaque from the Captor, Your Plaque is safe from your Captor for 24 hours…BUT can be taken from another Chapter!
  7. You may not retrieve YOUR plaque and take the capturing Chapter’s plaque on the same day
  8. You Must leave some type of notification that Your Chapter has Captured their Plaque. Example:
  9. If the Chapter you visit has multiple plaques in which they have captured, YOU may only Capture the Plaque that belongs to the Post/Chapter you are visiting– All others are SAFE!
  10. If your Plaque is captured from a Chapter whose Post is out of town – you have options!
    1. Plan a trip to recapture your Plaque
    2. It will be brought to Summit, Convention and/or Fall Conference by the captor
    3. Contact the Chapter, pay for shipping to have your Plaque returned
  11. You may not “Capture the Plaque” during special events (IE: Poker Runs, Summit,
    Unity Rides, etc.) MGR/RR Excluded
  12. Ride Safe and Have Fun!

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