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American Legion Riders: Contacts


The individuals below are volunteers dedicated to the success of the American Legion Riders program.  Their contact information has been provided, and they are eager to help and increase involvement. Please be respectful and considerate of the time these volunteers offer to make this program successful.



Department Chair

Jim Wineland
(904) 707-0733


Beverly Wooten


Bill Musto

New Chapter Development Officer

Wayne Wooten

Area Chairmen

Western Area

Jason Skobel
Districts: 1 & 2


Northern Area

Ronnie “Sea Dawg” Dean
(904) 599-7394
Districts: 3, 4, 5, 17


Eastern Area

Mike Haynes
Districts: 6,12


Central Area

Wayne Wooten
Districts: 7, 15, 16
(813) 333-3153


Southwestern Area

Kevin “Styker” Johnson
Districts: 8, 13


Southern Area

Wayne Schorr
Districts: 9, 11, 14
(768) 208-3068

District Chairmen

1st District

Andrew T.I.N.Y. Mercer
(850) 463-7789

2nd District

Barry Walker
(850) 264-2262


3rd District

Mike Ziegler


4th District

Cherie Korn


5th District

Joe Maltese


6th District

Jeff Hawk


7th District

Huey Wiseman


8th District

Lamar “Joker” Camacho


9th District



11th District

Stan Brown


12th District

Andy Ross
(321) 323-6101


13th District

Charlie “Spook” Catherman


14th District

Brad Smith


15th District

Steve Tyler


16th District

Robert Ordner


17th District

Bryant Thorpe

Last Update: 1/18/2022