Department of Florida

Chairman’s Report

It has been quite a month for all of us in Florida. The preparations we made for our homes, families and Posts hopefully paid off as the storm ran up the state. For our friends and families in the Keys  we extend to them our prayers and resources available for a speedy recovery.

Which brings us to why we should support the Commander’s Charity of Choice: Veterans Relief.  The funds from this charity go directly to support Veterans and their families in Florida.  If assistance is needed check out this link call 407-270-9204 .   Everyone should have a donation bottle in their Post. Please fill it up and ask for another!

We have crossed the midpoint in membership for the 2017-2018 Legion year in Florida! And although many of us are still in recovery of our homes, businesses and Posts, it may also serve as one of the best membership tools we have: Service to our Community.

12 of our 16 districts reached the Department goal of 50% or better5 of the 6 Areas of the state reached the Department goal of 50% or better. Congratulations are in order for the top post in the State: Post 239- Groveland, 6th District  at 144% of their goal!

Always to be noted with 6,200+ members is Lady Lake Post 347 already at 57% of their goal. And just as Clarence Hill, a Past National Commander is still the de facto Membership Chairman for Post 316 in Jacksonville, so it is that Past Department Commander Warren Post serves as Adjutant of Post 219, they now stand at 74% of their goal. This time last year the Post was at 55%, a 19% increase.

Next up; lets concentrate on converting those members from the 0400 listing marked “AD.” These Legion members, once converted to your local Post, will count as new members THIS YEAR.  You should use the DMS script provided in the Membership Manual or check with your membership chairperson in the Post or District for assistance. Hold a “Calling Party” with several members armed with their cell phones. And remember, this doesn’t have to take place in the Post, these calls can be made from anywhere.

Don’t forget to take a look at your Post Calendar and set out a table at each event with materials that tell the Legion story and  “Why they should Join or Renew.”

A final note: Memberships are due in each week to the Department, Even if it’s just one! Thanks for all you do!

Each One, Bring Five!

Fred Matthews
Membership Chairman, Department of Florida