Department of Florida

Chairman’s Report

Jim Ramos, Northern Membership

Northern Membership Chair – Jim Ramos
April 2020
SERVICE is how we do membership:
Congratulation to ALL District for working hard with membership and Let’s continue with membership let’s get that 103% we need to make our GOAL working together for one Goal. We are doing a Great job, but we need to do a little more and NOW is the time. Thanks to all and each of the Post in each District that make 100% or more and for the ones who are still working if you need ideas Please let me know.
Our next Goal 95% by April 8, 2020, but if you can how about 100%. “Always do more not less” and “We can do Let’s Go Florida”

April is Children & Youth month: Celebrate do some for our “Children & Youth” a perfect time of the year get Legionnaires to demonstrate that we are a Legion family and let the Community know who we are. Plan an event, activities and/or some project to help your community know who we are as the American Legion and what we do for our Veteran’s and their families. We care for our Children and Youth.

May is Armed Forces Day say Thank you to the active duty military month: But continue to recruit new members and retain old members work as a team and you will be successful. Also remember you have awards you can get now just check out the membership Plan and Awards manual. DO NOT STOP looking for members and Do not forgot you CPR report, addendum and other report to Dept HQ.

HONOR by making a 100%+ in membership:
Some ideas on how to make 100%+:
Do these steps today and continue getting members for your Post.
1. Develop a last month Post membership drive.
2. Get the membership team together to contact members who have NOT renews for 2020 check out
3. Make a list of things that your Post is doing to help our Veterans “Mutual interest, Topics, Concerns, and ideas are shared with other Veterans and their families.
4. Let them know what we do like the Benefits, Service Officer, Discounts, strength in numbers for lobbying Power.
5. BUDDY CHECK event toolkit is online (go to outreach to your members and do some personal contact
6. Get help from the Legion families have the Aux, SAL, and ALR to help: Use the families for Phone call to members (renewal and let members know what is going on at the Post)
7. Set up “carpool” to get Legionnaires to meeting, especially new members and see how older members are DOING?
8. Now is the time to get something DID if you NEED help just call
9. Remember that Membership is the life blood of the American Legion (Success)

SACRIFICE is what we do to “STOP THE SLIDE” and achieve 100% membership by May 15, 2020. 100%+ membership will be our only measure of success. But we need 103% to make it Happen!

NOW is your Post doing some:
1. Public Relations with the community
2. Implement new ideas, being creative, being different, being flexible so your Post is better
3. Developing your Post and its members “Encourage, Positive Attitude, Establish Goals, Develop Trust, Building self-esteem in others”
4. Educating “our members, the public, doing newsletter, doing programs, and know our Legion History)

We still need to continue working with our District and each Post’s to see how we can make 103% goal

But whatever you do make it BIG.
Communication is the Key to Success and Recognized your Volunteer or just say Thank You
If you need ideas just ask me (call 352-226-4370 or email

Raymond Perez, Southern Membership

Southern Membership Chair – Raymond Perez
April 2020

As we began to close in on the last few months of year, May 31st, the Department Commander issued a new mission on March 1st; “Tank Battle”. This was issued to every District Commander with a Roster of the 2019 members who have not renewed for 2020. This has been your priority upon receipt! The battle ends this month, April 10th. The incentive program will be out by the time you read this article and is currently being developed. So some tips on how you can still complete this is by Buddy Checks, letters generated by and email using the system we have taught in membership training. Make annotations to your roster as you work them and track the renewals on the blank form provided on the email.

Posts and Districts should look to the membership and awards manual for awards that could be applicable to your command. (Go to pages 33-41) As of March 5th we have 64 posts over 100%, 221 posts are past their next goal or close to achieving it. Together we can do this. Membership is still our #1 priority!

While I am the Membership Chairman I would be reluctant not to mention the Consolidated Post Reports. You should have started preparations to develop them with your chairmen! With CPRs, elections and DCCs, Post and District events, and convention on June 25th, we are in the Red Zone. Communicate until you have created redundancy. When they start complaining about how many times they’re going to receive the same information, you know you’ve done your job. Everyone needs to be on board, this time of the year!!

For assistance or training requests please contact me at or call 727-412-5356.