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Membership: Chair

Chairman’s Report

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Bruce Thurber

Bruce Thurber
Eastern Membership Chair

December 2021

Fall Conference and Thanksgiving are now behind us. Christmas and New Year are just around the corner. Our goal is 75% by December 9, 2021 and Department and National will have limited office hours. The computers however will be running so please process membership frequently. As I mentioned at our conference, we had a rough start and processing is slow. The sooner we are able to get them submitted the better chance of hitting the 100% mark before New Year’s Day. I really like the Weekly Increase Leaderboard our Adjutant has put together it shows how hard everyone is working at a glance.

As many of our members and non-member veterans have limited funds this holiday season consider a gift of membership in your Post. See your Post Adjutant, pay their dues, and pick up their card.

As American Legion members, our most sacred responsibility is to look out for each other and our fellow veterans. As a way to reach out to members and former members who may need help, over the Holidays many times our members are alone Buddy Checks can help prevent them from feeling alone.

  1. Gather up a team to call or personally visit members and former members of The American Legion
  2. If you don’t have a list of members and former members at your fingertips, visit and download the names of current members and those who have let their memberships expire.
  3. Divide up the call list among your team members. Some may have personal connections with the member or the former member and should make that particular buddy check.
  4. Start making connections – either from a quiet place inside the post or from your home – to see how the members and former members are doing, ask if they need anything, and invite them to any event or activity planned to help celebrate the Holidays.
  5. Make sure you thank the member or former member at the beginning and at the end of your call.
  6. If the member or former member wishes to renew, be sure to have your post’s payment procedure at your fingertips, the address to send a check, or offer to stop by in person to pick it up (another opportunity to connect).
  7. Leave contact information in case the member or former member can’t take the call or needs anything in the future.

Bruce Thurber
Eastern Membership

Randy Holeyfield
Western Membership Chair

December 2021

Western Membership Zone

Greeting everyone, our Department Commander is working diligently and is out to visit posts soon. As our numbers are out and Department is working to ensure their accuracy. These reports help gauge our progress, and if they do not match what your post has you can contact Department, or myself. I am here for any membership-related issues, training, Buddy calls, you name it. I’m here for you, the individual post, not just a District, Area, or Zone, every individual post.


I will come to do training, make phone calls, send out emails for transfer from Post 400 (the DMS), whatever it takes or is needed. But I need an invitation from you, at a time and place convenient for you. Everything is in your favor, and for your benefit, so let’s get started. Whether it’s help with MyLegion, or just something to do with paperwork or forms, I’m here for you. It can be in person, over the phone, or computer.

As an extension of your post membership team, I’m here. Just think of a Membership Chair as one more on the post’s team. Whether it is a District, Area, or Department Membership Chair, we all are a collective team working for one goal: Your post’s progress and helping wherever we can. My information is readily available and disseminated. Feel free to contact me, emails are the best way, because we can collaborate best with a direct communication line, along with attachments and/or helpful links. I know that my counterpart on the East side of Florida is the same, we are a team dedicated to your success. So let your District or Area Membership Chair help you, but don’t forget I am here as well.

As far as numbers: The Department is at 62:11% and Districts are hovering in the ‘60s, some even already at 100% or greater. The Quick Draw qualifications passed (October 31st), and at the Fall Conference, we recognized 31 posts that achieved it. But we stand corrected, because there was a post that came in at the wire, therefore, congratulations to Post 102 for their dedicated efforts that paid off.

And with these 32 posts achieving the early membership benchmark, they are poised to get the “Gold Battle E” (Battle Effectiveness award, which is reaching 100% before December 31st). But do not fret, your post can still attain the Battle E award because if your post reaches 100% by December 31st your Membership Team qualifies for the Silver Battle E (it looks the same, but it’s silver). Keep up the hard work, as many posts are not even at the number that they were last year during this time. If you need help, just give me a call or email.

Randy Holeyfield
Western Membership

Eastern Report | Western Report