Department of Florida

Chairman’s Report

Service * Honor* Sacrifice is Commander Johnson’s theme this year. The Membership Team has a slightly different goal which will require Service * Honor * Sacrifice. That goal to “STOP THE SLIDE” and achieve 100% membership by May 15, 2020. 100% membership will be our only measure of success.

How are we going to achieve 100% membership?
Communication * Communication * Communication throughout the entire organization. You will see more information provided every week thru the weekly reports and communication directly with each Post Membership Team through the Post Adjutant. We will also share with all Posts how other Posts are having success with renewals.

Recruit * Recruit * Recruit will become a full-time program for all members of the Department of Florida. We all walk through Wal-Mart, Publix, Home Depot, Lowe’s and see all those baseball caps the say WWII Veteran, Vietnam Veteran, Desert Storm Veteran, Korea Veteran and any other wartime era veteran are potential new members. Any veteran who served after August 2, 1990 is eligible to be a member. While our primary focus is Legion Members, we are a family and we need to assist the Sons of The American Legion and Legion Auxiliary in their recruiting efforts.

Just Ask * Just Ask * Just Ask is part of our recruiting efforts. Every Legion member knows at least one, probably two neighbors, friends or colleagues that are eligible to join our outstanding organization. We need you to Just Ask them to join The American Legion, the largest wartime Veteran Service Organization.

Transfer * Transfer * TransferPost 400 members to your Post. Last year we transferred 1200 Post 400 members to local Posts. The goal this year is 2020 members transferred. Each Post’s Membership Team will be challenged to directly contact your Post 400 members, call them, write them, let them know your having an open house. Sell your Post benefits to these potential transfer members, they already have joined The American Legion.

We are all here to assist each other. Every Department Officer from the Assistance Judge Advocate to the Department Commander carries responsibility for membership. Need help Just Ask anyone with a white crown on their cover, they are here to help. The District Commander is the first level of assistance, can’t find them, call your Area Commander then either of your Membership Chairman.

100% BY MAY 15, 2020