Department of Florida

Chairman’s Report

So, here’s where we are :Less than 2% to go. While we recognize that this month, you and many of our Posts are in election mode with the final DCCs are taking place, we should remember that our terms don’t end until Saturday afternoon of the Department Convention. Thus, our duty is still in force until then.

We’ve agreed not to shrink our Legion this year and we still have time to fulfill that agreement.

The Department Commander has put out an “All hands on Deck” letter requesting that we keep our “foot on the gas” in order to achieve the 100% goal by the deadline- June 30th. The Membership staff will continue tabulations through that Saturday, but realistically, we need to get this done by June 18th.

The Weekly update shows those Posts who can help us and themselves out. Many of them are less than 10 members short. What we have found in our travels throughout the department is that there are still a large number of Posts unaware or unwilling to direct-contact those delinquent members for renewal. In many cases, a simple letter or phone call will do it.

Direct contact must be continued over the next two weeks with those Posts with less than 25 members to 100%.

A big “Thank You” is in order for those Posts who have utilized the DMS listing this year. By converting these non-affiliated members to your Post, you’ve helped to expand your membership base for the coming year and add new members with new ideas to help us “Grow Our Legion” where it counts most : The Post!

Congratulations to Post 250 Commander Dick Rowe and Adjutant Tina Dilts in Middleburg in the 5th District with 71 DMS conversions for the year. They had a bridge to go out 10 blocks from the Post causing a 10 mile detour in order to get there. Commendations are also in line for Posts 163, Eau Gallie and 347 Lady Lake with 64 and 60 DMS transfers respectively.

And yes, congratulations to  Western District Commander Jim Brennan, the first Area across the goal line!

To those Post and District Commanders who have made 100% and above: THANK YOU AND CONGRATULATIONS! Now we need you to do the above and beyond to help the Department achieve its goal.
Again, we are at the point where direct Post contact and assistance is a must as we march to 100%. We can do this!

Each One, Bring Five!

Fred Matthews
Membership Chairman, Department of Florida