Department of Florida

Chairman’s Report

As we enter the 100th year of membership we must begin with retention and growth. Retention is a year-round priority and needs to be planned. Any post that is, or wants to be, successful at retention must be able to identify the specific steps it takes to increase its retention rate. In addition to having a series of activities that make up a retention program, your post should be able to identify resources that can be allocated to help implement the program. Your post needs to try to find ways to get members involved in a meaningful way without taking up too much of their time. This is especially true with newer members.

Renew: Members who feel they belong will renew.

  1. Communicate with your Legion Family.
  2. Educate your members.
  3. Engage your members.

Reinstate: Send a survey that lists the most common reasons for dropping out to those people who have recently dropped their memberships and ask them to check off the reasons that apply to them. Be prepared to follow up and address each of the reasons. While a written form is not as effective as actually talking to these members, it does give the post one more chance to reinforce the value of membership and to personalize the next contact.

Recruit: Every member of The American Legion Family is a recruiter.

Always be ready with a 2-3 minute ‘elevator pitch’ on the importance and benefits of Legion membership.

Keep a few membership applications handy

Make sure your post is an asset to the community; inform them of your post’s programs, participation in parades, service activities, etc.

Be seen in your Legion apparel


Bruce Thurber
Membership Chairman, Department of Florida

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