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Membership: Chair

Chairman’s Report

Northern Report | Southern Report

Jim Ramos, Northern Membership

January 2021

Happy 2021, Now it’s Time to Do Membership

Happy New Year 2021, I hope you and your family are healthy, and I hope everyone is safe and that you enjoyed your holidays. Now is time to do some more membership.

Congratulation to the following Districts 4th, 6th, 1st, 17th, 5th, 2nd, and 3rd for working hard on membership, but we are just getting started again for the 2021 year. Thanks to Posts 44, 33, 272, 215, 210, 166, 230, 27, 244, 412, 403, 357, 55, 259 and 45 for making 100% by December 31, 2020. Post 259 was the first Post in Florida to make the 100% goal.

January and February are the two hardest months to do membership, but we cannot forget to ask members to renew NOW. Yes, NOW is a great time to asks your members who have not renew to pay up Please we need you NOW. We know this is a bad time with COVID-19 and the holiday just passed and NOW we need to check membership cards. In your next Post meeting just check to see have many members are in good standing.

Special Thanks to ALL the District Commanders and their membership team for going all out in 2020. Let’s go Florida, our next Goal is 80% by January 14, 2021 and we can do it together. Let me know what assistance you need to make the 80% goal for the Department of Florida. Please do not wait until it is too late.

Please check out the Department Membership manual is on the website ( under resources and go down to Forms & Document (and touch or hit the learn more button) and go down to Manuals & Guides and is the first manual that you we see. Please download it to your computer take sometimes and read it, it has a lot of great information for your membership team, also use the timetable for your next event. We need to stay on top of membership because we must meet the Goals from Department. The membership timetable is to help each Post make their new goal.

We all are either an active or passive recruiter:

  1. Recruit a friend, a neighbor or somebody who is a veteran.
  2. Just ask if they look like a Veteran.
  3. Show your pride by wearing your Legion gears (shirt, cap with the Legion Logo).
  4. Buddy Checks are working Please continue connecting with your members (Buddy Check to get it.

The Goal to get for January is 80% for the Department, how is your Post doing?

Setting the Goals: (specific dates and timetable) below:

  1. January 1 – Happy New Year 2021. Check membership cards.
  2. Now back to membership (use your membership team) to make the phone calls, emails and some face-to-face contact to get members to renew. Always say thank you and make a roster of members that you contacted.
  3. January – Contact prospective members, new members and get unpaid/dropouts’ member to renew 2021 and please use for DMS/Post 0400 membership to add to your Post.
  4. Continue to plan for February, please look at the timetable plan

For more suggestions call me.

If you have any questions, please contact me at Phone number 352-226-4370 or email at

I am here to help you and your Post be the best in Florida

Raymond Perez, Southern Membership

January 2021

Membership Growth Opportunities

The Department Commander has published the 2020-2021 Membership Plan and Awards Manual and I sent it to all the District Commanders. You can also download it from the Florida of Florida Website at under the Resource link.

It is December 13, 2020 now and by the time you read this article we will be past the deadline of the 2020 membership cards and have implemented a plan for not accepting the 2020 cards at your Posts.

All our Posts are suffering due to COVID-19 and our northern members are not traveling due to the COVID numbers. With the financial situations it has caused, our Posts and the membership are behind, and we are facing the most difficult time in the Department’s history. All things considered, we are holding on and many of you are doing the right things in getting our members to renew. Again, I’m looking at the December 11th Report and feel good about the 68 Posts that have reached 75% or greater. Out of the 56 Posts that made the 75% goal I’m going to predict 36 Posts will make the 100% mark by December 31st. So, let’s look at what we have for the next two months:


  • Contact prospective new members
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day
  • Get unpaid/dropouts from previous years make contact
  • Boys State Registration Fee Deadline and Packets mailed out
  • National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day
    *Membership Goal 80% (14th)
  • Post Oratorical Competitions Complete

February is Americanism Month

  • Educate members on the Americanism Program
  • Four Chaplains Day
  • President Day
  • Valentine Day
  • Youth Law Cadet Apps Fee Open
  • Membership Goal 85% (3rd)
  • National Commander’s Visit
  • ALR Summit
  • Super Bowl Sunday (7th)
  • Coast Guard Reserve Birthday
  • District Oratorical Comp Complete
  • Area Oratorical Comp Complete

As you can see, there are many upcoming events to build our membership on but current restrictions in your locations will dictate what you can or cannot do. We must stay creative and think outside the box when trying to complete these goals. Network within your Districts and try to help each other out. Zoom District meetings continue to be a great and safe resource.

I am looking forward to these next few months to see how the vaccination operation will be implemented. Many of our membership are in the high-risk category due to age and preexisting illnesses. Who knows maybe the vaccination process will be right at the doorsteps of our Posts?

For God and Country and Our Veterans,

For assistance or training requests please contact me at or call 727-412-5356.

Northern | Southern