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Membership: Chair

Chairman’s Report

Bruce Thurber

Bruce Thurber, Membership Chair

January 2023

We have successfully survived 2022, one of the busiest years this decade. Hurricanes, Major Elections, inflation, and the Holidays. All of these have affected our membership. It is now time to try and recover while helping those who are in need. As our National Vice Commander Harris stated, it’s time for us all to BE-THE-ONE.

Revitalization is a priority. Each District should hold at least two revitalizations a membership year and share your results so we all benefit from lessons learned. In those areas needing assistance, contact our Department Revitalization Chair, who can assist in getting Department and National Assistance.

PDC Ramos once said: As the American Legion continues its drive to protect and preserve veteran benefit programs -especially in the area of medical care—the numerical strength of the organization is very important. Make sure your Post is doing its part in the nationwide drive to increase the Legion‘s position of power. This still holds true today as it did 10 years ago.

CPRs are now online. The Consolidated Post Report was established in 1975 in order to assist departments in the documentation of the various activities a specific post has done during the twelve-month reporting period from June 1 through May 31. The Consolidated Post Report (CPR) may be the most important document your post will complete this year. Your post’s information, combined with other posts, is used when the National Commander and others testify on Capitol Hill on behalf of all veterans. Each post has a story to tell, and when we speak collectively, our strength is magnified. The Post Adjutant, through, can begin filling it out immediately so they can submit it in May.

Mentorship is when an individual with perspective and experience (the mentor) instructs and guides another person with less experience (the mentee). The mentoring relationship helps the mentee navigate the obstacles and challenges they are likely to face in their job and personal life. With their own experiences in hand, the mentor can help prepare the mentee, leading them to see success. If you work with membership, it is time to mentor your replacement. Put together a checklist of things to cover, i.e., myLegion, recruiting, retention, revitalization, and how to find information.

Here are a couple of links to help.

Bruce Thurber
Membership Chair