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Membership: Chair

Chairman’s Report

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Bruce Thurber

Bruce Thurber
Eastern Membership Chair

September 2021

Recruiting Tips

We need to get a jump on this year’s membership. Every District has Posts that were under 90% at the end of June. If your post is in that category and you would like some help, contact your District Commander, Department Membership Chairperson, or our Department Post Development Chairperson. Any District that would like to have a revitalization contact your Area Commander and we can start the ball rolling. Help from National is available if we give sufficient notice. They assist with publicizing and materials.

Recruiting Tips

  1. Always be ready with a two to three minute ‘elevator pitch’ on the importance and benefits of Legion membership.
  2. Download the Legion app. You’ll be ready to sign up members on the spot.
  3. Get some door hangers and modify them with your post information. You’re now ready to reach out to potential members even if you’re not face-to-face.
  4. Keep a few membership applications handy.
  5. Have a supply of ‘Why You Should Belong’, and ‘This Is The American Legion’ for information.
  6. Work your post’s expired member listings that can be found under the “Find Members in my Area” section of
  7. Build and maintain a relationship with military installations and the person in charge of veteran admissions and/or veteran student organizations that may be on college campuses
  8. Network with first responders, civic and community organizations, as well as other veteran service organizations to expand your pool of potential members.
  9. Ensure that your Post is building its brand:
    1. Send a localized version of the post’s CPR to the media outlets in your area, and that this same information is published in the Post’s newsletter.
    2. Make sure your Post is actively participating in at least one program, and that it is done well.
    3. Make sure your Post is an asset to the community; inform them of your Post’s programs, participation in parades, service activities, etc.
    4. Be seen in your Legion apparel.
    5. Don’t narrow your focus to veterans in only one or two war eras. Any veteran may be eligible, but you won’t know if you don’t ask!

Don’t let all your hard work go to waste – RETAIN THE MEMBERS YOU HAVE

The Commander’s Area Training has begun and will include a session on membership. Bring your general questions to the floor, however, for in-depth questions, please email them to me.

I have also started District specific visits. So far, I have scheduled with District 17 at Post 120, August 14th, District 5 at Post 250 September 5th, District 6 Post 63 September 18th. If you would like to host a training session or round table, contact your District Commander.

The 2021 Virtual National Membership Workshop was held July 26-29 and the sessions are available on the National Site under membership training.

Only 2022 membership cards are currently available on If you see a blank page, please renew your membership for 2022.

Finally, as we strived to meet our goals last year, there were 14,000 AD’s in Florida; we only transferred 3,251 into posts, retention of those is 70%, and you get credit immediately for them toward your goal when you bring them in. If each post that was under 90% begins working DMS Rosters early, we will exceed our expectations. Go to the “Reports” section of and click on find members in my area. Select your local Zip Codes and the 2022 year begin working them. Next, make a list of 2021 and start making calls to see if you can get them to renew with you. Let’s get all 5 Race to the Top Categories, both 1st and 2nd place.

Bruce Thurber
Eastern Membership

Randy Holeyfield
Western Membership Chair

September 2021

We have been off to a great start, Monday August 2nd there was a Zoom meeting from our National Vice Commander on membership. In attendance was our Department Commander, Jerry Brandt, Bruce Comer our Department Adjutant, Bruce Thurber, Eastern area Membership Chair and myself, along with notable National officers and chairs, including a National officer in Daytona Beach, Mike Mitrione. The discussion was our projected goals for this year, as well as, strategies to reach them, where National’s Florida goal is at 105,363 (90% retention 102,295). They are setting a cash incentive (to be assigned later) for the Department to reach 103% to qualify (this is not at a post level, but Department). At closing the National Vice Commander was encouraged with the enthusiasm of Florida.

One of the most common calls I receive is issues with MyLegion. Mostly not just Login’s, but processing membership renewals/transfers, the other is: permissions not granted by your post officers.

First, you can only process through MyLegion on a “Paying member,” where, transfers who have already paid for the coming year will need to submit a MDF (Member Data Form) in PDF off the Department’s website in the resources icon under Membership, then forward it to JoAnn Collins our (Department Membership Representative).
Back to renewals:
I repeat, Paying members of any type can be done through National’s MyLegion website. Bruce Thurber and myself are here for advice and navigation through this platform program, and when an issue is not easily resolvable (which has occurred), please contact Bruce Comer (through Rachel Castleberry, Dept. Administration Assistant). Many of the problems/issues are mostly from how to navigate the re-designed program, which has steps to follow for renewal completion and information available to post membership teams.

State wide Training:
Our Department Commander has secluded training throughout the state, of which several area will be presented, one of which is membership, and that being primarily MyLegion navigation. Therefore, I behoove you to attend, for one, it will eliminate countless calls on helping with MyLegion because no one showed up from your post to receive this very important training. Again, Bruce Thurber and myself are here to help in anyway, but sometimes helping yourself by attaining the training and information when so much effort is given and supplied throughout the state.

Don’t underestimate the power of the DMS (Post 400), it is through these (already in the legion ) members your post can not only achieve your % Goals, but bring you across the finish line (December 31st). Last year two Districts received the “Race to the Top” award for the National Award. These two Districts utilized the DMS, and it came through. In fact 15th District did the same last year with the DMS and won the Race to the Top, what is your post waiting for, bring these members into your post.

There’s archived National Membership training online at

The year is still young and we have much ground ahead of us, but don’t delay, stay ahead of the Ebb that comes, so ride out the Flood tide, because December 31st is the Neap Tide (the change of the tide flows), with July being the second Neap Tide. As you can and will observe, I use Nautical terms and analogies, which is how I express most everything

Randy Holeyfield
Western Membership

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