Department of Florida

Chairman’s Report

Each One, Bring Five!

It’s been Four years since the Department of Florida reached 100% in membership and equally as long since the National has reached its goal. It’s at this point each year where the going can get a bit tough to reach that magic number.  But this year will be different!

Our Magic number is now 18!  11th District Commander Donna Artola has once again moved into 1st Place with less than a percentage point lead over the 4th District. However, the Posts in the 7th and 6th Districts led by Commanders David Tucker and Mike Seidel are getting ready for a big push to 100% in the next 30 days.

At this point, 13 of our 16 Districts are 80% or better in membership. Moving into the 100% column this week are:

  • 2nd District Post 51 Chattahoochee – 104%
  • 6th District, Post 21 Umatilla – 102%
  • 7th District,  Post 95 Frostproof – 190%  
  • 11th District, Post 20 Belle Glade – 105%
  • 12th District, Post 344 Merritt Island – 100%
  • 17th District, Post 380 Daytona Beach – 100%

Note to all Post and District Membership Chairpersons: Don’t take your foot off the gas! We are now working on the programs that make our organization the most well-known in the Veteran Service Community. Those programs; Boys State, Oratorical, Boy Scouts, VAVS, Women’s Veterans assistance, Homeless Veterans Assistance, Vets Relief, Post-based Veteran Service Officers, and applications for Youth Law Cadet Program, Legion Riders,  Junior Shooting Sports, Special Olympics and the many programs specific to your Post should now be in full effect.

Promote these programs as reasons for Membership Renewal and for joining The Nation’s Largest and most influential Veteran Service Organization. Get your Boys State interviews and Oratorical Contest Winners posted on social media and your website.

Make sure your website and social media page is up to date with the latest calendar and pictorial information about Post activities.

We will turn our attention at this point to those members on our rolls who have not renewed. Let’s make a check of the membership roster for those members who have not renewed. Direct-contact them and bring them onboard.

The same process we practiced for transferring  members from the DMS listing  should now be used to gather contact information on those who have not renewed their membership. has the listing for your Post of those non-renewed members. Let’s download that listing, get the membership team together and get to calling them, emailing them, and visiting them!

Each One, Bring Five!

Fred Matthews
Membership Chairman, Department of Florida