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Membership: Chair

Chairman’s Report

Northern Report | Southern Report

Jim Ramos, Northern Membership

September 2020

Northern: Membership Plan

We are starting the beginning of a new membership year, 2020-2021. With a membership timetable we can make our new goal. (Your District Commander have your Post goals for 2020-2021).
How? Well we have membership chair in District’s, Areas, and the Department to help you and your Post. Please just ASK. I am always a Phone call or email away and I will have some suggestions to help with membership to make it work.

First make a Membership Team at your Post for the following:

  1. Reinstatements Team (3 Legionnaires who know membership minimum)
  2. Renewal team (3 Legionnaires who know membership minimum)
  3. Prospect team (3 Legionnaires who know membership minimum)
  4. New Membership team (3 Legionnaires who know membership minimum)

*Recruiter Definition is a person whose job is to enlist or enroll people as employees, in the armed forces, or as members of an organization the American Legion.

With that we have an Active and Passive recruiter?
Which one are you!

A Passive recruiter is where the Real Magic happens they:

  • Inspire others through PRIDE in the organization, through actions, and general human character.
  • Have a plan that appeals to those you want to be members of the American Legion and your Post.
  • Demonstrate consistent excellence and genuine benevolence in taking care of veteran.

An Active recruiter is one who goes out and:

  • Obtains names of veterans through any means.
  • Contacts veterans by telephone, area canvas’, and home visits.
  • Has a speech ready for when approached or approaching others.

Resources for recruiters below:

  • Military installation and Transition groups
  • Relationships with other VSOs
  • Satellite military recruiting offices in every community
  • Chamber of commerce
  • Local hospitals, Fire and Police

What is the Goal to get new members into your Post?

Setting the Goals: (specific dates and timetable) below:

  1. September free dinner for the early bird members and new membership card (send your membership in before Sept 3, 2020) is 50% goal for Department
  2. Sept 7, is Labor Day (your Post can do something)
  3. Sept 11, is Patriot Day (flag is at half-staff all day) (your Post can do something)
  4. Sept 16, Legion Day (your Post can do something)
  5. Sept 18, POW/MIA recognition Day (your Post can do something)
  6. Plan for October order your Halloween coloring book
  7. October, please send membership in before Oct 8, 2020 (your Post can do something)
  8. Oct 12, Columbus Day (your Post can do something)
  9. Oct 13, Navy Birthday (your Post can do something) for your Nary Veterans in your Post
  10. Oct 27, Navy Day (your Post can do something)
  11. Oct 31, Halloween (your Post can do something) for the kids in your community or Post
  12. Plan for November Veterans Day turn out and come with a new member (send your membership in before Nov 5, 2020)

Communication is the Key to Success and Recognized your Volunteer or just say Thank You
If you need ideas just ask me (call 352-226-4370 or email

Raymond Perez, Southern Membership

September 2020

Southern: Membership Bulletin

As of the date of writing this article the first weekly report is out. So here we go! The Districts should already have meeting dates, membership plans, training plans and visitation schedules in place. All in accordance with the CDC and Department Commander’s Guidelines for COVID-19 and Executive Orders. It is a challenge but not impossible.

We must think outside the box. The Department has shown us that we can do it through conference calls and zoom meetings, so it is proven. I have attended two District meetings already by Zoom and the 11th District Commander did an excellent job. He presented the new membership training slides by sharing his desktop to the audience.

Jim Ramos and I are ready to present this training at your request. We expect the proper protocol be followed and with enough lead time to fit into our schedules. Look at your timetables and plan and make sure you have a gradual progress to the goals required by Department and National. In the end you are shooting for 103%.

On to my favorite subject, DMS Transfers and Post 400 members for your Post. I could not ask you to do something unless I tried it myself. As part of the Membership Committee or Team at my Post my job is credit card renewals and DMS transfers. I pulled a list by zip from and started with the members that had email addresses. Next the Commander and I developed a good letter to send each member. It was an extension of the letter produced by I received immediate responses. Then I changed the letter slightly to the members that didn’t have email addresses and sent them by snail mail or the postal service. My produces those labels but another member of our team uses mail merge which is simple once you have the addresses on that same excel spreadsheet you downloaded.

Both processes take monitoring because you must obtain the verification of honorable service, in accordance with your By-Laws, if that’s what you require, and then the receipt of the dues. They do not always follow directions and send them separate. In a month and half, I was able to transfer 35 members from Post 400 and I am still working the original spreadsheet I downloaded.

So, by the time you read this, it would have been four months that National sent out their renewal notices for these Post 0400 members. I have already received three members I have had to transfer as paid members. If you need any assistance with the DMS Transfer Program, please call me.

Good luck to all of you and let’s make our goals!! TEAMWORK!!!

For assistance or training requests please contact me at or call 727-412-5356.

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