Department of Florida

Chairman’s Report

Jim Ramos, Northern Membership

Northern Membership Chair – Jim Ramos
March 2020

SERVICE is what we do for our Veterans and our Community

Congratulation to the 6th, 17th,4th, 1st, 5th, 3rd and 2nd District for doing a Great job. Thanks, but we still need to work. Our next Goal 90%, but how about 100% in March 11, 2020 that would be Great. “Always do more not less” and “We do can Let’s Go Florida”

HONOR is making it happen with membership 100%:
Some ideas on how to make 100%:

  1. BUDDY CHECK event toolkit is online (go to Legion.org) outreach to your members and do some personal contact
  2. Get help from the Legion families have the Aux, SAL, and ALR to help: Use the families for Phone call to members (renewal and let members know what is going on at the Post)
  3. Set up “carpool” to get Legionnaires to meeting, especially new members and see how older members are DOING?
  4. Now is the time to get something DID if you NEED help just call
  5. Remember that Membership is the life blood of the American Legion (Success)

SACRIFICE is the something WE all do and is sometimes it’s hard to make it happen:
WE Sacrifice Vacation time, Holiday, Free time, Sleep, Uninterrupted Anything, But WE continue to Help and Sacrifice for our Post (members) and our Community. Because is the right thing to DO. And I thank you for your SACRIFICE.

NOW is your Post doing some:

  1. Public Relations with the community
  2. Implement new ideas, being creative, being different, being flexible so your Post is better
  3. Developing your Post and its members “Encourage, Positive Attitude, Establish Goals, Develop Trust, Building self-esteem in others”
  4. Educating “our members, the public, doing newsletter, doing programs, and know our Legion History)

March is the hardest month to tackle But we can make it happen, Oh now we need to step up do a lot of membership to help your District win the “RACE To The TOP” if the District is 100% +1% they will have a chance to win a National Competition and help the Department make that 103% Goal. Let’s GO Florida we can do it. Please do it before the 15th of March 2020. Remember is the American Legion Birthday March 15-17, but we can Celebrate all month long.

April is Children & Youth month: Celebrate do some for our “Children & Youth” a perfect time of the year get Legionnaires to demonstrate that we are a Legion family and let the Community know who we are. Plan an event, activities and/or some project to help your community know who we are as the American Legion and what we do for our Veteran’s and their families. We care for our Children and Youth.

We still need to continue to work with our District and Post’s to see how we can make 103% goal

But whatever you do make it BIG.
Communication is the Key to Success and Recognized your Volunteer or just say Thank You
If you need ideas just ask me (call 352-226-4370 or email jramos149@bellsouth.net)

Raymond Perez, Southern Membership

Southern Membership Chair – Raymond Perez
March 2020

A Certificate of Appreciation is being sent out to all the Posts through the Membership Chairmen and District Commanders that have made their 100% mark before May 31st, as a thank you from PDC Ramos and myself. We currently have 45 of them. Thank you.

I want to take a minute to acknowledge all the Posts that have been making their monthly goals. As you know we should be at 85% as of February 5th and our March 4th goal is 90%. We always have to keep in mind that with larger Posts (Post memberships over 1,500 members) it is harder to get that one percentage point than the smaller Posts. I’ve learned a lot about our Posts in the Panhandle and in the South because geographically they so far from the rest of the District. Recruiting is quite the challenge. I think we’re all doing a great job but we can’t sit back and relax yet. There are 1,440 Post 400 members that have NOT renewed as of the February 13th report. I encourage Posts to continue to work the DMS lists and Buddy Checks. We’re two and half months away from the 100% goal; I know we can make 103%. As of today, Department of Florida is at 90.54%

We are also making an initiative to participate in Yellow Ribbon events with our deploying and returning troops. This command is out of Ft. Jackson, SC and they will be contacting me with their schedule. The events take place in Orlando. For those of you that are not aware of this program, various vendors assemble much like at convention which gives the American Legion the opportunity to communicate one-on-one and speak during their general assemblies. Rob McGregor from Post 5 and I have conducted many of them. For some reason, the American Legion lost a seat at that table. We look forward to helping these troops and to recruit as many as we can. It would be great to form teams to work these events.

There is one last subject I want to pass on. Department will no longer send out the multi-copy Member Data Form, instead please use this link to download the form: https://www.floridalegion.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/07/Member-Data-Form.pdf the same rule applies. Just fill out the portions that change on the member and mail one copy to department. The form is fillable by computer, no more pen and ink!

For assistance or training requests please contact me at blooddonor@legionmail.org or call 727-412-5356.