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Chairman’s Report

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We all know that membership is the life blood of any organization, here is some tips on how to maintain your membership.

Post Open House: Invite the public to you Post home to explain programs and activities of The American Legion and services being provided to your community. This should dispel any false image or stereotype. Put up table top booths with promotional materials on the various commission and activities of The American Legion. Have enough materials for distribution. Invite someone from a local VA hospital regional office, Vet Center, the SBA or the PTA to assist in answering question and to provide appropriate handouts where indicate. Invite the public to meet and greet your sponsored Special Olympics Team, American Legion Baseball Team, National High School Oratorical Champion, a well-recognized local hero who is a member of The American Legion, etc. It is also important to have your committee chairman and Post Service Officer available to explain their operations. Schedule your Open House so that it doesn’t conflict with other community events. Publicize widely and well in advance (i.e., newspaper, radio, TV, all appropriate public places, posters and neighborhood leaflets). Conduct a special raffle that night (for guests and members). Two time a year September and February.


“Appreciation” Dinner: Hold a special dinner (and social event) to show your support and appreciation of all veterans by having your members invite/sponsor a guest who is an eligible veteran. Have a distinguished member of the community be the guest speaker (preferably a veteran- definitely a veteran’s advocate). Help ensure the evening’s success by preparing a brief but appropriate agenda. Distribute promotional materials and publicize properly.


Establish Contact with other Community Organization: As part of ongoing outreach program to raise awareness and improve the image of The American Legion in your community; contact other fraternal and civic groups. Ask for time on their meeting agendas to address their membership on some aspect of your Post’s program. (Many of these groups are looking for guest speakers and would most likely be glad to oblige).


V.I.P. Involvement: Enlist the aid of local or state personalities in promoting the good works of your Post and District. If possible, try and relate their appearance to your local or state projects you have decided to undertake (i.e., Mayor and Governor Proclamations, appearances, speeches and events).

Related projects could be in the form of: Membership teams (2 &3 members to a team) work your membership teams to increase membership by Dec 31, 2015 and March 31, 2016.


  • Telephone member round-up (new members and/or renewals). Half of the team makes calls while the remaining members stand by with vehicles to go pick up the dues immediately.
  • Door- to- Door membership Drive: Target one or more neighborhoods in your community; divide up the street and conduct a door-to door canvassing effort. Good planning and organization (advance publicity, prepared introductory remakes for all canvassing and a follow-up listing the results) will greatly aid your chances for success providing an evaluation of your effectiveness.

Please let me know what I can do to assist you with your membership.


Yours in Service,

Jerry Brandt
Department Membership Chairman
American Legion, Department of Florida