Department of Florida

Chairman’s Report

Each One, Bring Five!

This year, the Department will target for assistance those Posts and Districts that need help. The desire by the Department to achieve its 100% goal is real and realistic. It’s real in that it’s the Life Blood and the future of our organization. It’s realistic because the Department, just as on the District and Post level, must relate to the members we serve and the issues they are confronted with and find out what we need to do to get them to join or renew.

In essence, if phone calls need to be made to those members late in renewing, let’s get a list and get down to the business of calling them, emailing them, messaging them and texting them.

All memberships gathered during the previous week should be mailed to the Department by Monday of each week.

Each District should conduct a district-wide Training Day. This should be done during the month of August. This training will serve as a follow-up to the training conducted at the Department convention and a precursor to the Fall Conference. These training sessions will focus on specific help needed at each Post and help develop targeting plans for those Posts in need of outside support.

If your District or Post would like to conduct a Training session for your Officers AND members, give me a call, send me an email. We have expert Trainers ready to assist you  or conduct the Training session at your next District Meeting or Post meeting and preferably at a Special Training Meeting. If we understand how our American Legion Works, we will be better able to tell a potential or renewing member why they should belong!

We’re asking District Commanders and Vice Commanders in charge of membership to submit to the Department Commander, their plan to help those Posts in need and what initiatives they will conduct to move their Posts, and thus the Department toward the 100% goal.  Training and submission of Plans to reach the goal should be accomplished by October 1.

Lets’ conduct a State-wide Membership Rally. The target reporting date is September 16th. For one week, all Posts and Districts will conduct this rally simultaneously. On the final day, each District will report to Department HQ their totals. The top Districts will be awarded prizes based on percentage and actual numeric membership increases over the past year.

This effort can only succeed with the buy-in and participation from all members of the Legion family. The American Legion Auxiliary, the Sons of the American Legion and the Legion Riders all play a role in this effort.

A coordinating effort will be made with each unit of the Legion family to insure that the training and membership efforts are in sync and that publicly the efforts are seen as a Department-wide initiative.

Each One, Bring Five!  Who will be the top recruiter this year? Which District, which Post will win the honors and carry the recruitment and retention banner over the finish line?  The winner should be you!

Check out the membership plan. Use the tools available and relevant to you. Lets’ get the ball rolling as we march toward 100% in membership for your Post, District and the Department of Florida!


Peace and Power!

Fred Matthews
Membership Chairman, Department of Florida