Department of Florida

Chairman’s Report

Marching to 100%!

As the 3rd quarter of our Legion Year in Membership comes to a close, it’s time for another shout -out to those who have made this one of the more successful membership campaigns in recent years.

This month it was announced that  the Department of Florida  won the Top 12 in Membership Award for the entire Legion.  Leading those states with 100,000-plus in memberships reported and coming in at 10th place in membership Legion-wide.

The great news at this point in the Membership Game is that after taking the lead in January, 11th District Commander Donna Artola and  her  team of  Post Commanders never relinquished it. Thus becoming the first to cross the finish line on time! This will be the first win for the 11th District in more than 5 years. Congratulations to the Posts of the 11th District!

Not to be overlooked is Second Place Finisher 4th District Commander Vickie Van Buren. The north Florida District  came out of the gate leading the Department in membership. This Commander was serious about training and drilling down to the Post level to identify those who needed help and providing assistance where needed. Commander Van Buren helped revive several Posts in her district that may have otherwise gone dark. Zone 3 Vice Commander Jerry Brandt and Northern Area Commander Jeff  Durden were key players in assisting this District in its most successful effort in more than 5 years.

In Third Place so far in the 2017-2018 Membership year is 7th District Commander David Tucker. This Central Florida team has stayed in the hunt with no more than 3 points separating his district from the 11th and 4th Districts all year. Again, for Commander Tucker,  it was early training and familiarity with the Posts in his district that made the difference. This is the highest ranking for the 7th District in 2 years.

Once again,  the top and largest Posts in the Legion are from Florida: Post 347 in Lady Lake, in the 6th District with 6,200 members and Post  273 Madeira Beach in the 16th District serve as bellwethers for the rest of us. If they can make it, we can make it.  A total of 10.,339 members are attached to these two Posts. That means that they account for 10% of membership State-wide. At this writing Post 347 Lady Lake is at 100%-plus and Post 273 Madeira Beach is just shy with 73 members to go.  Hats off to Commander Al Varrone, Adjutant and 6th District Commander Mike Seidel, along with Post 273 Commander  Jim White and Adjutant  Dan Koker  for their oversight of the Membership retention effort.

With 6 Points to go, the Department of Florida is so close to crossing the goal line On-Time!  Remember, Legionnaires, the game is not over until the clock runs out! We still have time on the clock.

So, it’s time to fill out and complete the following forms for submission of Top Recruiter, Gold Brigade, Silver Brigade. Department Commander’s Pin, National Commander’s Pin,  and “I Got My Five.” These forms can be found on the Department Web page under  the Resources tab.   Recognition is an important part of this year’s Membership Plan and it’s never too early to get that process underway. This is a key duty for Post Adjutants and Membership Chairpersons.

District Commanders holding their final District Meetings of the year before their DCCs are asked to include  these reminders to their Posts on your meeting agenda. Deadlines for submission are fast approaching.

Each One, Bring Five!

Fred Matthews
Membership Chairman, Department of Florida