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Membership: Chair

Chairman’s Report

Northern Report | Southern Report

Jim Ramos, Northern Membership

November 2020

Increasing Post Membership

Thanks to the 4th , 6th , 1st , 17th , 2nd and 5th Districts for making the 55% goal and the 3rd District just needs to catch up to make the next Goal of 65% which I know they can do. “We can do it together,” call me if you need assistance. Please do not wait until it is too late. See the tips further down on the different types of recruiters and suggestions for you to interact with your community to increase membership.

We need to stay on top of membership because we must meet the Goals from Department. The membership timetable is to help each Post make their new goal. Please Post Commander’s send in your program’s chairperson list to Department HQ, while not directly tied with Membership it will assist with Membership. Also, send in or use to submit membership every week to National, do not hold your membership.

First make a Membership Team at your Post for the following:

  1. Reinstatements Team (3 Legionnaires who know membership minimum)
  2. Renewal team (3 Legionnaires who know membership minimum)
  3. Prospect team (3 Legionnaires who know membership minimum)
  4. New Membership team (3 Legionnaires who know membership minimum)

A recruiter is a person whose job is to enlist or enroll people as employees, in the armed forces, or as members of an organization the American Legion.

We all are Active or Passive recruiter:

  1. Recruit a friend, a neighbor or somebody who is a veteran
  2. Just ask if they look like a Veteran
  3. Show your pride by wearing your Legion gears (shirt, cap with the Legion Logo)
  4. Buddy Checks are working, please continue connecting with your members (Buddy Check

What is the Goal to get for November (65%) and your Post?

Setting the Goals: (specific dates and timetable) below:

  1. Have a membership drive for renewal, new members and to reinstate members who have left.
  2. Nov 3 is Election Day, do not forget to VOTE.
  3. Nov 5 is the Department 65% goal, are you ready? Is your Post ready? Send in your membership before the deadline.
  4. Nov 10 is the Marine Corps Birthday, celebrate your Marines members.
  5. Nov 11 is Veterans Day, plan for all Veterans in your Post and Veterans in your community to visit.
  6. Nov 16-22 is American Education week, organize volunteering at a local school.
  7. Nov 22-28 is National Family week, help your Post families.
  8. Nov 26 is Thanksgiving Day, plan a dinner for your members who do not have family.
  9. December 7 is Pearl Harbor Day, see if you have some WWII Veterans and do something to say thank you.
  10. Dec 25 is Christmas, do something for your members.
  11. Dec 31 is New Year’s Eve, 2020 cards are NO GOOD for 2021!

For more suggestions or if you have any questions, please contact me at phone number 352-226-4370 or email at
I am here to help you and your Post be the best in the Department of Florida.

Raymond Perez, Southern Membership

November 2020

Membership, Buddy Checks & Adopt-A-Highway

The 65% goal deadline is on the 5th of November. This is a great time to be holding membership drives during a Veteran’s Day event at your Post. I am inserting a picture of the Gold Membership coin that each Post will receive if they reach 100% by December 31st, 2020. These will only be given out by the two Department membership Chairmen and the Department Commander and Area or Zone Commanders.



November is a great time to send out personalized renewal letters from the Post.  Let them know what your plans are for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s.  Don’t forget to include the measures the Post is taking to ensure their safety using the CDC guidelines.

Buddy Checks are essential during the Holiday Season, not all of us have family around us.  Remember that when you’re trying to decide whether the Post should be open or not during the holidays.   Many times, the Post is their home and a way of celebrating the holidays.

I have heard a few Posts that have developed the Adopt-A-Highway program with the Department of Transportation.  They are back up and running.  The clean-up is a lot easier during the winter months.

For your information I have also included the QR Code for members to renew online.  The QR Code is also on the Department Membership Facebook Page.  This code takes them directly to the website where all they have to do is enter their last name and member ID then follow the prompts on their phone along with their credit card.

For God and Country and Our Veterans,

For assistance or training requests please contact me at or call 727-412-5356.

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