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Membership: Chair

Chairman’s Report

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Bruce Thurber

Bruce Thurber
Eastern Membership Chair

Retention will be our key to success. When we recruit new members, we communicate the Legions promise to them. When we retain, we have delivered on our promise. Currently we are running at about 60% on first year renewals and less than 50% on DMS. We lose members because they do not see the value of membership. We need to change their perception through engagement and communication. Reach out early and often. Your 2002 retention plan should already be started. Some simple parts of a plan:

  1. Customize your approach to individual members.
  2. Find out why they joined and do more of it.
  3. Always be Communicating.


  1. Send membership cards ASAP! Do not wait.
  2. Submit transmittals ASAP, preferably daily no longer than once a week.
  3. Encourage members to use myLegion.
  4. Newsletters are a great communication tool and can be posted on myLegion for members to read.
  5. Do buddy checks on members who have not been seen in a while.
  6. Contact members who have not renewed and find out why and what might bring them back.

Remember we must Retain-Reinstate-Recruit if we are going to continue of mission of assisting veterans and our community, state and nation.

Bruce Thurber
Eastern Membership

No report.

Randy Holeyfield
Western Membership

Eastern Report | Western Report