Department of Florida


2018 Annual Merry-go-Round
Sunday, April 1, 2018 thru Monday, April 30, 2018

This event month long event is intended to get Legion Family out to visit other Posts/Districts and attend events (like dinners/fundraisers/bike nights etc). Designed similar to the District 1 “Unity Ride” getting Chapters out and riding together to support Legion Programs, promote The American Legion, gain members, and raise funds/awareness for C&Y programs.

The ALR Chairman Jim Day created a trophy made from “parts” that is passed around to each Chapter in the winning District until the next Merry-go-Round.


Chapter Ride Rules

  • Print the PDF Ride Sheet online. One sheet can be used for everyone on the ride.
  • Each person must register and pay $5 registration (online has 50 bonus pts.)
  • Must have a minimum of 5 people on the ride.
  • Ride to minimum of 3 Posts.
  • Start at any Post. Hours, and miles start at the initial post and end at your final destination, as a group
  • Ride to any 3 Posts. (must be AL Post unless UNITY Ride)
  • Fill out the PDF form while on the ride.
  • Report the ride information online.

Unity Ride Rules (100pts + 10pts per person registered online):

  • Print the PDF Ride Sheet online. One sheet can be used for everyone on the ride.
  • Must be at least 3 Chapters with a minimum of 9 participants.
  • Must visit a minimum of 3 Posts (can be VFW, Moose, AmVet or other Veteran related group)
  • The ALR Area/District Chairman must have knowledge of the ride.
  • Report the ride information online.


Want to earn extra points:

  • Ride to any Post not in your District for double mileage points. Every mile counts as $.27 (DO NOT double the miles on ride sheets or online submission)
  • Collect donations/sponsorships, hold 50/50, raffles, auctions etc.
  • Every dollar counts as a point. Whatever scheme you can come up with to collect more money. (no rules apply here).
  • Pre-register online.
  • Hold a UNITY Run (100 + 10 pts per person registered online)
  • Sign up NEW members (Post/Unit/Squadron/Chapter) or RENEWELS (50pts each)

What you can win?

  • A custom-made trophy and bragging rights. The trophy belongs to your District and will be housed at the End of Run Post until the next “Merry-Go-Round”. At that time if you lose, well then you have to give it up.

Trophy will be awarded to the winning District @ Convention in June.

Legion Riders/Family let’s get out there and ride and raise some money for Legion Programs. We all know that ALR are a power house when it comes to fundraising. Now let’s show Dept. of Florida some numbers!!


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