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2018 Annual Merry-go-Round
Supporting Children & Youth Programs
October 1 – 28, 2018

This month-long event is intended for our American Legion Rider Family to visit other Posts inside and outside of their home Districts. To support Legion Programs, promote The American Legion, gain new members, and raise funds and awareness for our Children & Youth programs.


Chapter Ride Rules

  • Print the PDF Ride Sheet online. One form per ride.
  • Each person MUST register online for each ride.
  • Must have a minimum of 5 people on each ride.
  • Ride miles begin at Starting Point of Ride and can Start at any Post – Every mile counts as 1 point.
  • Record the number of hours for ride/event – Each hour counts as 1 point.
    *Clock Never Stops* – Once you begin a ride, your time continues until the ride is officially over, including overnight stays.
  • Ride to a minimum of 3 American Legion Posts.
  • Fill out the PDF form.
  • After each Ride, Report the ride information online
    • All activities/rides/membership must be completed between October 28, 2018.
    • When entering miles and hours, do not multiply the miles and hours by the number of riders when filling out the Ride Form. The number of Riders registered online will be used to determine the total miles and hours.
  • All Ride information and all Money collected/raised/donated must be reported no later than October 29, 2018.


Want to Earn Extra Points?

  • Ride to any American Legion Post outside of your District to earn 100 points per person per Post visited.
  • Pay $5 Registration Fee online using your credit/debit card and earn an additional 50 points.
  • Collect donations, hold raffles, 50/50, & auctions, etc. Every dollar collected counts as 1 point!
  • Month of October Only – Earn 100 points each for every *NEW membership or RENEWAL membership for the Legionnaires, Auxiliary and SAL.
  • Month of October Only – Earn 50 points for each *NEW Rider Membership.
  • Plan a Unity Ride (150 points Per Person Per Post Visited)
    • Print the PDF Ride Sheet – One Form per Ride
    • Must be at least 3 Chapters Participating – Each chapter must have at least 3 Riders
    • Must visit a minimum of 3 Posts (can be a VFW, Moose, AmVets or another Veteran related group)
    • The ALR Area/District Chairman must have knowledge of the Unity Ride
    • Report the ride information online.

*New Membership must have been voted and approved during the Month of October.

What you can win?

  • A custom-made trophy and bragging rights. The trophy belongs to your District until the next “Merry-Go-Round”! The winner will be announced at the Fall Conference in Orlando.

Legion Riders/Family let’s get out there and ride and raise some money for our Children & Youth programs.

If you are not able to ride, but would like to support our cause, we always welcome donations. Thank you!


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