Department of Florida

From the Chairman

Raymond Perez

March 2020

Please make that extra effort to help. Schedule a drive at your next event.
OneBlood, the local not-for-profit blood center serving Florida and the majority of the Southeast, announced today that it will be sending blood to Puerto Rico following a series of earthquakes.
Widespread destruction and the lack of electricity on the island is preventing blood centers in Puerto Rico from being able to operate.

To ensure a ready blood supply locally and to be able to continue assisting Puerto Rico, OneBlood encourages all eligible donors to please donate. To find a donor center or Big Red Bus near you simply visit www.oneblood.org.

OneBlood has assisted Puerto Rico in the past, including during Hurricane Maria, Hurricane Irma and when the island was impacted by the Zika virus.

I have seen great work from the Blood Donor Chairmen scheduling blood drives. Thank you to the 15th District and Florida ALR at their Summit in Cocoa Beach. Please let me know of your blood drives, there are a lot of great efforts out there, I just need your input!!

Thank You! My number and email again are 727-412-5356 blooddonor@legionmail.org.

Raymond A. Perez
Blood Donation Chair