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Blood Donor

From the Chairman

Raymond Perez
Blood Donor Chair

May 2021

Margaret Skaggs Reward and My Program Goals

Criteria for the Margaret Skaggs Award:

  1. A copy of your National Consolidated Post Report and Department Addendum must be on file with Department Headquarters to be eligible for this award.
  2. The reporting period is from May 1, 2020 – April 30, 2021. Any donations after this date must go on next year’s report.
  3. For awards – a letter from the local blood bank listing the total Blood Units on file for the account and number of participants from your Post must be attached to your report.
  4. Include a narrative containing information or comments concerning the Blood Donor activities of your post such as how many donated units were collected by Legion, Auxiliary, SAL or the community, how these units were utilized and any special activities for the Blood Donor Program.

AWARDS ARE: Margaret Skaggs Memorial (1st place) Runner-up (2nd place)
MAIL SUBMISSION TO: Florida American Legion P.O. BOX 547859 Orlando, FL 32854-7859 Attn: Programs Director E-MAIL SUBMISSION TO:

**Nomination must be received no later than May 12, 2021**

Two years ago, when I became your Department Blood Donor Chairman, I had three major goals.

  • Try to develop a direct link between Posts and the Area Managers of the One Blood Staff to facilitate an easier means of conducting blood drives and reporting. This would make an easier way to track each Post, by means of the communication, with those One Blood Reps.
  • Enhance the ability of reporting throughout the Department so that the Blood Donor Chair knows where every blood drive is taking place throughout the year. This would allow more awareness and give us the ability to advertise those drives wherever they are being held.
  • Increase the number blood drives from the previous year throughout the Department and increasing the Posts that have programs.

I had no idea what I was up against working with the One Blood Staff.  Through no fault of their own they did not have the resources to manage the many Posts in our Department. I was never able to speak to one department in their company that consolidated all this data in one place.  They handle everything through Area Representatives, to us that means something compared to cites and or county reps. It was my hope that they could assist me in initiating the Blood Donor program along with me. I can see now it was an unattainable goal. As far as increasing the Blood Drives and increasing the Programs at our Posts we were successful even during the pandemic.

I’d like to welcome your new Department Blood Donor Chairman for 2021-2022, Taz Gehling, currently the 13th District Commander. I know you will give him the support and enthusiasm for the program that you have shown me. I wish him nothing but the best.

At the beginning of this article, I repeated the information about the Margaret Skaggs Award for 2021. I am hoping to get many submissions this year and good luck to all the nominees.

Raymond A. Perez
Blood Donation Chair