Department of Florida

From the Chairman

MONEY can’t buy it. SCIENCE can’t duplicate it. PEOPLE can’t live without it. But, in one brief, simple gesture, many of the members of your American Legion Post and Auxiliary Unit can join with others who are able to give life’s most important asset, a pint of blood.

Participation by your Post/Unit in The American Legion’s Blood Donor Program opens another door for a great and continuing humanitarian opportunity. Here is community service of the highest order. Here is a program which meets an ever-present need. Here is a program which shows the community the depth of your Post’s concern for the well-being of your fellow citizens.

It’s impossible for patients and their immediate families alone to bear the burden of blood needs. The constant and critical need for blood can only be met by a system of voluntary donations throughout your community.

I will be working hard this year on a different approach to the Blood Donor Program and Blood Drives. I believe that we need to reach out to One Blood and its state staff and work the issue down to the Posts. This will include assistance, marketing and coordination. I have already started that process. I know that most Posts struggle to find a Chairman for this valuable program but after working it for the past five years at the Post level it really doesn’t take a lot of time. One Blood does some of the marketing for you. Here is the link for hosting a drive when you’re ready: https://www.oneblood.org/host-a-blood-drive/

Feel free to contact me anytime.

Raymond A. Perez
Blood Donation Chair