Department of Florida

From the Chairman


T.C. Biddle, Law & Order Chair

T.C. Biddle, Law & Order Chair

September 2017

I would first like to introduce myself, I’m TC Biddle the new Law & Order Chairman. I would like to start by saying congratulations to all the newly elected Officers, and a special thanks to all the staff at Department. Thank you for all you do, you’re the back bone of our Department.

Next, I would like to ask all District Commanders if you would please send me a list of all your Posts that have a Law & Order Chairmen along with their names & e-mail addresses. I also need a list of the Posts that don’t have a Law & Order Chairmen, and I will take it from there.

I believe this year a lot of Districts are going to find you will get more participation with your local Law Enforcement agencies, due to the fact we have taken all personal information out of the application forms. My understanding, from talking with a lot of Post Commanders, is a lot of agencies did not want to participate due to the personal info on the application.

To those of you who may have tried to reach to me by e-mail I apologize my e-mail was down but that has been taken care of as of 08/07/2017. If you would like to reach me, my e-mail address is Thank you for your assistance, if there is anything I can do to help please feel free to contact me.