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Law & Order: Chair

From the Chairman

May 2021

April is the end of First Responder Applications Submission to the Department

April 21, 2021 is the last date for Posts to submit their First Responder Award applications to the Department of Florida. It has not been a good year to be a Law Enforcement Officer. Based on the statistics regarding Covid-19 deaths of Fire Fighters and Paramedics and Hospital Personnel, it has not been a good year for them as well.

As a Retired Law Enforcement Officer, I can only imagine how these brave professionals have coped day to day with not only the possibility of becoming deathly ill but by also having their daily decisions constantly scrutinized by the media. The job cannot be done without the cooperation and the support of the community. God bless them for trying and doing the best they can.

For us, as the Legion family, it is our sacred duty to recognize and award these brave and necessary members of our Society. July 1st through July 4th will be our first Department Convention since the Covid-19 outbreak. It will be great to see you all and The American Legion Department of Florida’s choice for Law Enforcement Officer of the year and Firefighter/Paramedic of the year.

Daryl Bass
Law & Order Chair