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Law & Order: Chair

From the Chairman

September 2020

The Public calls for additional Training for First Responders

may better perform their jobs if they had additional training. Legionnaires, I can personally vouch that the State of Florida has one of the most extensive training programs for Law Enforcement and for Firefighters/Paramedics.

Basic Requirements (Florida Police Standards)

  • 770 Hours of class training which includes mandatory yearly refresher courses on Human Diversity, Domestic Violence, Discriminatory Profiling, Use of Force, Firearms Qualification (every three months) as well as many additional courses available ex: Crime Scene Investigation, Crime Prevention, ect.
  • Cost to the cadet entering the Academy $3,000.00 (Approximately)
  • Additional $700.00 for Polygraph and Background check

It’s not cheap for any person desiring to start a career in Law Enforcement or as a Firefighter/Paramedic.

An article I found online addressing Firefighter/Paramedic Training says it like it is.

“Firefighter/Paramedics save lives, but they hold one of the most hazardous occupations available. Because of the potential for loss of life or injury associated with fighting fires they must complete extensive training constantly to meet the standards established by the Florida Bureau of Fire Standards and Training.”

I say your Police Officers and Firefighter/paramedic are the most highly trained in the World. We as the American Legion Family need to recognize them for what they do for us. Let’s award these heroes this year. Get with your Post & District Law and Order Chairman and make it so. That’s all I have to say about that.

Daryl Bass
Law & Order Chair