Law & Order: Chair

From the Chairman

November 2023

Beware of the telemarkets asking for donations for Law Enforcement/Fire Service.

We have all received those telephone calls (usually during dinner time) from a telemarketer advising that they are seeking donations for your local Police, Fire, and State Police. They claim to represent the Police Benevolent Association, FOP, PBA, Firemen’s Widows endowment fund, etc.

Most Americans respect Law Enforcement and the Fire Service and want to help. These organizations rely on these folks to donate. None of these donations go toward local Law Enforcement or Fire Departments. Beware!

These telemarketers are professionals and get paid nationwide to make these calls. Someone in charge is making lots of money off the giving Hearts of our citizens.

Have you ever seen firemen at an intersection holding their boots, asking for donations? That’s real! They have several charities that they donate to that are worthy. They will never call you. They don’t work that way.

In the World, we live in today, it takes all kinds, so Beware of the TeleMarketer.

Daryl Bass
Law & Order Chair