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Law & Order: Chair

From the Chairman

April  2022

With everything going on in the World, I thought I would tell one of my funny war stories. Cops have millions of them. In 1982 I was a Deputy Sheriff of Flagler County. Flagler County is located between St. Johns County (St. Augustine) and Volusia County (Daytona Beach). I was on Patrol during the day shift. Communications (like much of the shifts) was giving out multiple BOLOs (Be on the lookout), one being about a stolen white van from a Daytona Beach Nursing Home. I happened to be driving south on I-95 and saw a White Van headed Northbound at a high rate of speed. I drove through the median going North now on I-95, attempting to overtake the white van. As I pulled behind the white van, I notified Radio Dispatch that I had the stolen White Van and would be making a traffic stop near the exit to Bunnell on I-95. Back in those days, backup was always far away, and we’re all known for taking chances. During the day shift, none of us wore a bulletproof vest and at the time (by ourselves) went hands-on with suspects even when they were a lot bigger than us.

An interesting note: A survey was once made saying that Florida Law Enforcement Officers held the most Officers Killed in the line of duty because they were many times alone and too friendly.

Back to my story, I turned on my emergency light, and to my surprise, the van immediately pulled over. When our vehicles came to a stop, I jumped out of my patrol car like Adam-12 with my 357 unholstered and aimed at the van’s driver’s side door. I yelled, “Show me your hand and throw the keys out the window.” I said, “Now open your door and step out of the van.” At this time, the driver and perpetrator of the stolen van yells out the window, “I can’t!”. I yelled back, “What in the hell do you mean you can’t.” He yelled back, “I don’t have any legs.”

It turns out that he was a patient living in a secure nursing home in Daytona Beach, and he in fact was a double amputee and had been having some mental issues. No charges were made.

Note: You know that turkey was driving that van using a cane to push the pedals and brake. Ha!

As many dangerous calls that dispatch your Police, Fire, Paramedic, many are so funny sometimes it’s hard to hold it in. Honor them. Remember the last date to submit your Officers of the year to Bekki Tibbs is April 20, 2022

Thank you once again, Legionnaires.

Daryl Bass
Law & Order Chair