Department of Florida


Q: How do I see the Hall before I book my event?

A: Hall rental showings are available by appointment only: Monday – Friday 8:00am – 4:00pm. Click here to schedule your appointment today.


Q: When will I receive my security deposit back?

A: 30 days after your event has taken place. As long as the hall is left in satisfactory condition.


Q: How much is the security deposit?

A: The security deposit for ALL rentals is $400.


Q: What does my hall rental fee include?

A: 8 hours of event time, table and chair set up and breakdown, and use of the catering kitchen. Additional hours can be purchased if needed.


Q: What are the hall rental fees?


  • One Room – Holds up to 100 people = $800/tax Rental Fee
  • Two Rooms – Holds up to 170 people = $1,100/tax Rental Fee
  • Full Room – Holds up to 200 people = $1,400/tax Rental Fee


Q: How will my guests know which hall is my event?

A: The luxury of renting our facility is that you will be the only event taking place on the day you choose.


Q: How late can my event go?

A: Because our venue is in close proximity to a residential area, all participants must exit the venue by 12am on Saturdays and 10pm Sunday – Friday.
Q: Do you provide vendors?

A: One of the elements that makes our venue so unique is that clients may work with vendors of their choice. All vendors will be under the care and responsibility of the client, allowing for each event to meet the overall vision each client is looking for


Q: Can we bring alcohol?

A: Alcohol is permitted in the building; it can be served however it CANNOT be sold without a license. The event license must be provided to our venue before the event. If a minor is served, the event end immediately with NO security deposit refund.


Q: Are there any other added benefits and/or features?


  • Complimentary table and chair set up and breakdown.
  • Large catering kitchen with ample serving space.
  • Availability for a rollaway bar and high cocktail tables.
  • Option of a theater or classroom setting for corporate events, workshops, and series.
  • The option to make use of the entire day before to decorate for your event.