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Contract Points

One of the elements that make our venue so unique is that clients may work with vendors of their choice. All vendors will be under the care and responsibility of the client, allowing for each event to meet the overall vision each client is looking for. However, we have a list of vendors for you.

Your contracted time is when you will be let into the building. Please be aware of the time your caterer, photographer, or decorator needs to be in the building. No exceptions will be made.

Alcohol is permitted in the building; however you may not sell it without a license. We have the right to check ID to those who appear to be under age. If there is underage drinking the event will be ended and you will forfeit the remainder of your time along with your security deposit.

Loitering is NOT allowed in the parking lot. Please be aware of your guests at all times. If we need to ask guests to clear the parking lot 3 times we have the right to stop the party and you will forfeit the remainder of your time.

You will be charged $100 per hour over your contracted time. Additional event, set up/clean up time is available for purchase to avoid these fees.

$50 per hour for any extra cleaning. “If you bring it in- you bring it out.” We provide trash cans, extra liners, and dumpster to avoid these charges. Please remember to check the bathrooms before leaving.

Push pins ONLY, No tape allowed on the walls. No decorations are to be hung from the ceiling, unless using approved vendor, or you have insurance of property damage at $250,000, which is to be filled out to The American Legion. No loose glitter or confetti is allowed. No fog machines are to be used.

Any damage done to the property during the event will be the SOLE responsibility of the Licensee.