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The Race-to-the-Top competition has concluded. The first place winners in each category will receive a trip to the 2021 national convention along with their guest or a $2,500 check.  Second place winners will receive a $500 check for their efforts and third place winners will receive a check for $375.  We would like to congratulate the following district commanders on a job well done.

Category I
1st Steven A. Anderson (UT) 116.43%
2nd Dean E. Welch (WY) 107.51%
3rd Keith Morris (CA) 106.92%

Category II
1st Jack “JD” Baker (NC) 110.90%
2nd Jacob W. Christman (GA) 106.84%
3rd Alan H. Caesar (TX) 103.61%

Category III
1st Devell “Bo” Durham, Jr. (NC) 114.66%
2nd Annette M. Johnson (CO) 109.26%
3rd Richard J. Cameron (MA) 103.95%

Category IV
1st Bruce Carl (FL) 104.60%
2nd -No Submission-
3rd -No Submission-

Category V
1st Robert G. Suelter (FL) 100.94%
2nd -No Submission-
3rd -No Submission-