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Legion Post

  1. Find a Coach: Get in touch with your local schools and/or community baseball coaches. Here’s a tip: reach out to the Assistant Coaches, this is a great way for them to build their coaching resume!
  2. Work with your Coaches: Make a plan on how you want your season to look, schedule practice times and games for your players
  3. Budget: It is typical for a post to pay registration and insurance fees. These fees are required in order for you to register a team.
    1. Registration for Senior Team (19 and under) = $100.00
    2. Registration for Junior Team (17 and under) = $ 75.00
    3. Insurance = $330.00 – $410.00
      1. Accident Plan Senior seasonal coverage = $175.00
      2. Accident Plan Senior year-round coverage = $255.00
      3. Liability Plan Senior year-round coverage = $135.00
      4. Administration Fee (non-refundable) = $20.00
    4. Player Registration Fee – A player fee usually costs $450 – $800. This number can be determined by the Post and Coach. Strive to make this a one-time fee for your players, the fee should include transportation, hotel, food, equipment, and uniform expenses. **this is a great selling point to parents! Most travel teams can cost $800-$1,000 and it does not include hotel and travel costs. Try and keep your player’s fee at a reasonable cost**
    5. Sponsors – Get your community involved! See if any major shops would like to sponsor your team with you!
    6. Fundraisers:
      1. Car Washes
      2. Coupon Book Sells
      3. Host a Post Dinner where the players serve the legionnaires

Click here to view Baseball Rule Book PDF