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Irene Graham

Irene Graham**UPDATE** We are pleased to announce that Irene has been released from the rehab center and is now back at home.

Many of you who attended this year’s Department Convention may have noticed the absence of one very important lady… Irene Graham, Membership Director.

Irene underwent surgery for a broken hip on Friday, June 28th. She is currently at Rosewood Rehab Center, 3920 Rosewood Way, Orlando, FL Room 217A and is accepting visitors. Please call Irene before visiting at 407-538-8232. She is doing physical therapy daily and is eager to go home. Get well cards can be sent to 3889 Gloucester Way, Orlando, FL 32808.

Please keep Irene in your thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. Any new information will be communicated to you through email as well as posted on the website.