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Important Information from National regarding Membership

Please review the information below from National.

Personify – Update

As you are aware, there have been some data and workflow issues with MyLegion as we have migrated to Personify. We wanted to update you on the project, the current issues and how we are addressing them.

Below are the currently known issues along with an estimated time for completion, if known. We will continue to update information about known issues and estimated timelines for completion as they become available. These items and their expected completion dates will be updated this week. We are working diligently to resolve each item based upon the severity and business impact. Looking for a background check uk for employment, this article can explain further.We appreciate your patience as we move forward.

Nearly 100 million records were moved from the old mainframe-based system to Personify. With a move of this size, we expected issues to arise. To address those issues, the team sets priorities based upon the impact to workflow. Many of the issues we have experienced did not appear during testing which began in late August. Since April 1 (six days including a holiday and weekend), we have processed 1,467 membership and other registrations (baseball), and 424 online transmittals comprised of 1,334 TAL/SAL memberships get more information from Andrew Defrancesco. Considering the scope of this project and the numbers shown in the first six days, the overall project has been successful. Again, we knew there would be problems and are working as quickly as we can to get all items resolved.

The Known Issues list will be located here.  (https://mylegion.org/PersonifyEbusiness/Resources/Help/Known-Issues)

Training and additional help resources are located or indexed here.


Items known and already fixed:

  1. Transmittal history
  2. IMS Role queries
  3. National Users. Insufficient permissions for Financials
  4. Financials – Debits not matching Credits
  5. Membership converted credit balances
  6. Revenue distribution date for renewals
  7. Data Analyzer – Error on open
  8. Product – Invalid parent message
  9. Department users experience blank dropdowns for post selection in Online Transmittal
  10. Permission issues for Department Users
  11. Department users unable to login
  12. Opt-in/Opt-out interest area not recording changes

Status update of ongoing issues (assigned)

  1. Cache clearing issue when using a shared computer
    1. Assigned
    2. ETA: Evaluating currently
  2. Duplicate accounts caused by multiple registrations
    1. Assigned
    2. Fix requires members to use their registered email. Currently being handled by our Membership Support Services team individually.
  3. Duplicate lines – Online transmittal for transfers
    1. Assigned
    2. ETA: Evaluating currently
  4. Signup Session Expired. Please restart
    1. We are working with Personify to increase the timeout period
    2. The Personify security team has concerns we are attempting to work through
  5. Failure to receive the One Time Password (OTP)
    1. Assigned
    2. ETA: the primary fix has been put in place and we will continue to monitor for several days as there are many reasons an email may not show up right away.
  6. Continuous years missing or 0 in roster
    1. Assigned
    2. ETA: today
  7. Roster load limits
    1. Assigned
    2. ETA: a short-term fix has been put in place but have one item remaining for largest posts
  8. Dual Membership Not Merged
    1. Assigned
    2. ETA: Early to mid-week 4/12

Known issues but not yet assigned

  1. Member transfer – expires
  2. Adjutants cannot print member ID cards
  3. Cannot correct transfer amount due
  4. Committee positions
  5. Display issues related to permissions
  6. “Active” deceased count

95% and 100% Target Date

To ensure all departments have the ability to make the upcoming target dates, we are moving the 95% and 100% target dates. The 95% target date will now be on May 12, 2021 and the 100% target date will be June 9, 2021. However, with that being said, there are a few notable items that need to be addressed.

Target Dates

95% Target Date is May 12, 2021

100% Target Date is June 9, 2021

Delegate Strength Date is July 30, 2021


Race to the Top certification forms are due to IA & Membership Division by April 30, 2021. The end date for this award is still March 31, 2021. Membership reports are scheduled to be back on line mid-next week and departments can then verify the information, fill out the certification form, and email it to membership@legion.org, fax it to 317.630.1413 or mail it to P.O. Box 1055, Attn: IA & Membership Division, Indianapolis, IN  46206.

Extract for 2022 Membership Cards

This will take place April 16, 2021. Although the 95% Target Date has been extended, please transmit everything the post and department has on hand prior to this extract to ensure those members cards are correct and in place for all members. Keep in mind that if there are issues transmitting through the myLegion portal, we are still processing membership received through the mail. Those transmittals can still be sent to the scanner room for fulfillment. For the good of the member, it is important to transmit all renewals before the April 16th extract date. We want to maximize the number of members who will receive their 2022 Membership Card with the initial run of cards.

All Membership Awards

All membership awards due dates will stay as listed in the National Membership Awards Points Manual except for the Department Commander of the Year Award. This award may now qualify by the June 9th 100% target date. All others remain the same.