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Flu Shots for VA Patients

Walgreens will again be offering flu shots to the Departments of Veterans Affairs (VA) patients. As a summary:

  • National Partnership between the Department of Veterans Affairs and Walgreens to vaccinate VA patients
  • Fifth year of delivering flu shots to VA patients
  • VA patient can walk into most Walgreens pharmacies and present the voucher or present with their VA ID card and additional photo ID and receive a flu shot at no cost.
  • Quadrivalent only. (noted on voucher)
  • Available at Walgreens 8200+ locations
  • VA patient’s clinical record is electronically updated by Walgreens – no paperwork to take to the VA
  • Information can also be found on the VA website:

How it works:

  • Patient may print and bring completed Voucher (see 2017 voucher below) to Walgreens, along with his/her VA identification card and additional photo ID.
  • Patient provides his/her Social Security Number
  • Walgreens administers flu shot and system updates patient’s VA clinical record

Below is a flyer that you can post or send out to remind VA patients that flu shots are available to them at Walgreens. Walgreens knows convenience is important, and has over 8200+ stores where they can get their flu shots.

Walgreens would also be happy to potentially do “onsite flu clinics” at a large meeting event you may be having and do free blood pressure checks too. If you have any local meetings where it make sense to have Walgreens attend, please contact Jeannine Scheffler at

Note: Walgreens is also now in the Tricare network and can provide flu shots under the Tricare benefit.


Download Voucher Download Flyer

Download Flyer