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District 15 Commander

February 2023

Let me start with gratitude to our Department Commander, who had confidence in me and appointed me to complete the remainder of the year as 15th District Commander.
I had to start out in a full run, starting with an Installation of Officer’s at Post 246 following the DEC meeting on Sunday, November 20th, the post communication listing was lost, so I had to create new ones, including physical and PO Box information, as well as, getting a calendar set for the remaining year. Fitting in all official visitations, plus additional ones with only half a year to do so, but no problem. Additional post events, both locally and statewide, make for a full calendar, and I’m a Post Commander, still working full time, and I’m moving my business as well.

Time Management: Time is a matter of taking what items are mandatory, then fitting in everything else. And it is dedicated to maintaining the discipline to what is set; then, you can fit non-absolute line items. It took me (through mentoring) to learn to make time available after the essential blocks, then insert the other items in, and manage this continually. So when someone says: “I don’t have any time, but they will take counseling, mentor them on how to manage it.”

Program Chairs: One of the most challenging District needs was; that most program chairs were not and have yet to be filled to date. I’m sure that is an annual item District Commander’s have to overcome. The way I present it to my district is: There are 8,760 hours in a year, and district program chairs, unlike a post-level chair that requires more time than that of a district level, being more of an overseeing coordinator. District program chairs are the crossroads of all your posts, collecting information and data, plus giving advice and help if needed. Most District Chairs will have only a little of their time dedicated to that program, though some are time-consuming. Remember, there are 8,760 hours a year one has, and we all have the same amount. Returning to Time Management is how one uses their time to the most efficient means.

I have a great 15th District Team, who are dedicated not only to their district but to all veterans and the communities they serve. I have sent out this call for filling several chair positions; call me.

District happening: I am glad to announce that Sunlake High School had the activation of a new Civil Air Patrol unit (# SER-FL-828) on December 6th. They are the Auxiliary of the US Air Force; in WWII, one unit sunk a German U-Boat; oh Yea! Then we had the pleasure of having our Department Commander visit our district; it went very well, followed by the Wreaths Across America at Post 5. On January 6th & 7th, I attended the Veterans Expo at Post 69 in Avon Park, assisting at a Membership booth. Many vendors were giving out information for their group’s various bits of help for PTSD, an issue at the front of The American Legion. I was able to help Post 69 get transfers and new members, making for a happy Post and Post Adjutant.

To date: I’ve had one District meeting, four post visitations, training at three posts (one was two days and 11 ½ hours), a post officer installation, and three events, one for two days. I look forward to not only helping my district’s posts but being of service to each individual I have the pleasure of interacting with. We all need to “Be the One” as we come across veterans, whether they are Legionnaires or not; all veterans need our support and, sometimes, just a caring ear to talk to, one willing to be, if nothing else, a friend, even if just a ship passing in the night, where we may never see or hear from again. That is what The American Legion is, here for every veteran, helping by listening, to give advice for claims, or anything else.
Just “Be the One,” and you can make a difference in their lives; they will remember that.

Randy Holeyfield
District 15 Commander