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A Message From Our Disaster Preparedness Chair

Bill Hoppner, Disaster PreparednessI hope that all our fellow Legionnaires and family are safe following the aftermath of Hurricane Michael. We want you to be aware of The American Legion programs that are available to assist you during this time of recovery.

The American Legion’s National Emergency Fund (NEF) provides immediate financial assistance to Legion Family members and posts affected by Hurricane Michael. The fund provides up to $3,000 for qualified members and up to $10,000 for posts.

NEF grants do not cover costs of items which should be covered by insurance. It is strictly for assisting Legionnaires with emergency travel, lodging and meals while under mandatory evacuation from their homes. These are considered emergency, out of pocket, living expenses.

In order to qualify for an NEF grant, an applicant must:

  • Have been displaced from his or her primary residence due to a declared natural disaster.
  • Must have sustained damage to their primary residence as a result of the declared natural disaster.
  • Provide copies of receipts of items required to meet immediate needs, such as temporary housing, food, water, clothing, diapers, etc.
  • Provide evidence of damage sustained to their residence.
  • Membership must be active at time of disaster and the time of application.
  • Post grants must derive from a declared natural disaster and substantiating documentation must provide that The American Legion post will cease to perform the duties and activities in the community due to losses sustained.

While the NEF provides immediate assistance to Legion and SAL members, qualified children of Legion-eligible veterans may receive assistance through the Legion’s Temporary Financial Assistance (TFA) program.

The TFA grants do not cover costs of items which should be covered by insurance. It is strictly for temporary food, shelter, utilities, and clothing.

Payout from the funds are currently capped at $2,500 per veteran with minor children (17 years or younger) living at home. Legion membership is not required.

In addition, Department of Florida is also taking applications for the Department’s Hurricane Relief Fund.  This fund is similar to NEF; however, for a good restoration resource there is no need to have sustained damage to be eligible for funding.  Also, the Department fund will support, any veteran regardless of membership status.  Legionnaires will have first consideration and the program will be active until funds are depleted. 

For more information or to apply for NEF, TFA or Department of Florida’s Hurricane Relief Fund,  contact Department Headquarters at 407-295-2631, or visit