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2021 Race to the Top Results

Congratulations to Johnny Castro and Bruce Carl for placing 1st in their categories and to Dennis Mallon for placing 2nd in his category.  We appreciate your hard work and dedication!

From National: The Race-to-the-Top competition has concluded. The first place winners in each category will receive a trip to the 2021 national convention along with their guest.  Second place winners will receive a $500 check for their efforts and third place winners will receive a check for $375.  We would like to congratulate the following district commanders on a job well done.

Category I

  • 1st     James M. Defrehn (SC)         137.32%
  • 2nd   James J. DeWyze (UT)           111.92%
  • 3rd     David G. Jelin (UT)                 109.95%

Category II

  • 1st     James R. Gibson (SC)            109.11%
  • 2nd Eugene S. Ironshell, Jr. (SD)    108.79%
  • 3rd  -No Submission-

Category III

  • 1st     Johnny D. Castro (FL)                113.49%
  • 2nd  -No Submission-
  • 3rd  -No Submission-

Category IV

  • 1st     Bruce Carl (FL)                         106.18%
  • 2nd  -No Submission-
  • 3rd  -No Submission-

Category V

  • 1st   Stephen N. Foster (OH)          103.79%
  • 2nd  Dennis L. Mallon (FL)               103.24%
  • 3rd     -No Submission-