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USA by Carlos Solis

Carlos Solis is a friend of The American Legion, Department of Florida, and we are proud to introduce you to his new single written and sung by Solis.  We hope that you enjoy and will share with other Patriots.

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Clermont, FL

Jazz, Big Band, Swing, Bossanova, Pop,, Latin Jazz

Carlos Solis – Acoustic Guitar/Singer Songwriter, Richard Bravo – Drums, Jackson King – Keyboard/Vocals, Charlie Santiago – Percussion, Michael Levine – Piano, Pedro Navarro – Electric Guitar, Camilo Valencia – Saxophone/Ewi, Jorge Dobal – Horns/Trombone, Julio Diaz – Horns/Trumpet

About Carlos Solis
Born in Havana Cuba, Carlos Solis arrived in Miami with his family in 1961 at the age of 6 fleeing the Communist regime in his home country. He grew up in the Little Havana area of Miami, in a very rough neighborhood and went to five different schools. Things changed for him through music and the influence of several police officers. He started writing playing and recorded at several studios in Miami and also appeared on several TV Shows. In 1977 he married and decided to put down the guitar, go to work and try to start his own business. They wound up owning several successful businesses. In 2007 his wife Sandy was diagnosed with breast cancer. They sold their business and he stayed with her 24/7. They purchased an RV and did some traveling to keep her in good spirits as she was going through surgery, chemo and radiation. This inspired him to start writing again and he reunited with some old friends, most Grammy and Emmy winners. The main song on the first CD he wrote for her is called “You’re Not Alone”. The second CD Sailing was released and Pandora gave him his own station the Solisbravo band radio.
His new single USA was written for the love and appreciation he has for this country.

May God Bless America