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The Main Event

The American Legion, Department of Florida is pleased to announce “THE MAIN EVENT” to be held at Department Convention, Orlando World Center Marriott on Saturday, July 3, 2021, following General Session in Crystal H.

Old School McDaniel” will square off in an epic boxing match with “New School Comer“.  These men have something to prove, and they’ll battle it out for your viewing pleasure!

McDaniel taunts, “Comer is going down!”  Confident Comer answers, “Bring it on old man!

McDaniel, weighing in at an undisclosed weight, will be coached by his loving wife Cathy. McDaniel has already began preparing for this challenge… by shopping for the appropriate attire and looking up moves on YouTube.

Comer, also weighing in at an undisclosed weight, will be coached by his loving wife Cyndi. Comer says he doesn’t need to prepare for this challenge, because “McDaniel is old and decrepit and would never stand a chance against his youthful prowess”.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page to see how this fight builds up over the coming days, as these fighters prepare for a real smack down.

On Thursday, July 1, 2021, the fighters will have their one and only public interview during the Legion Family Kick-Off and Bittersweet Retirement Event to be held in Crystal J1..

We ask you… which of these do you think will reign supreme?

Place your wagers now at …but what we really mean is make a donation to who you think will win. All donations will be split evenly between the Commander’s Charities, PROJECT: VetRelief and COTA.

Be there or not, but you’d really be missing out!

 DISCLAIMER: Match is for entertainment purposes only. No one will be actually hurt in this mockery.