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Sons of The American Detachment of Florida Convention Report

The Sons of The American Legion convened their 50th National Convention at the Miller Highlife Theater in Milwaukee Wisconsin August 26th through 28th 2022.  Our Florida delegation, while small, it was mighty. Delegation Chairman Detachment Commander 2022 Brian Carter, Detachment Commander 2023 Gerard Sambets, Past National Commander and Delegation Secretary Jim Roberts,  National Assistant Adjutant and Detachment Adjutant Emirtus Ed Sheubrooks  National Executive Committeeman William D (Bil) Kelly, District Vice CDR. Jamie Grinis and Jessie. A big shout out of Thanks to all these men who took time out of their busy schedules to represent you at the National Convention.

After we travel halfway across the country we get settled very early the next day. We start with our Standing Convention Committees at 8:30 AM. At 10 AM we have our pre-National Executive Committee Meeting. This is where our governing body finishes up all the 2022 year business.

Later on Day 1 August 26th, 2022 at 1 PM The National Convention is gaveled to order by National Commander Fox. This year’s Day 1 ran longer due to the 50th National Convention Luncheon on Day 2, and the business of running our organization must still be done, and it was. On behalf of the Detachment of Florida, Commander Carter received the Child Welfare Foundation Award for the Largest Contribution in the Southern Region and a Certificate of Recognition from CWF for exceeding the $1.00 per member.

Day 2 began with a visit from The American Legion Department of Florida Department Commander 2022 Jerry Brandt, Commander 2023 Eunise Butts, Adjutant Bruce Compton, PDC & NEC Elect Jim Ramos and PDC Larry White came and sat in with their Detachment at our Convention. This action proves that when we say “We Are Family” we all stick together. Thank you to the TAL Department Officers who took the time out of their busy convention schedule to sit in with their Sons of The American Legion at their National Convention.  Unfortunately just after they left The Detachment of Florida was presented with The American Legion National Shadow Box Award for the Most Dollars Contributed to The Veterans and Childrens Foundation (renamed from TAL Endowment Fund). The final award was received by The Detachment of Florida the Snapshots of Service 2022 Award for Veterans Affairs on behalf of Florida Lakeshore Squadron 137 in Jacksonville.  Detachment of Florida Commander 2023 Gerald Sambets became the 1st Detachment Commander to be awarded a Certificate of Completion for his attendance at the new National Detachment Commanders Class at National Convention.

The Convention adjourned and we went directly to the Milwaukee Hilton Crystal BallRoom for The 50th Anniversary Banquet in celebration of 50 years of Sons of The American Legion Conventions. The luncheon was a fabulous affair and our compliments to the Anniversary Committee for their outstanding job.

Day 3 started early at 8 AM and after opening business, the National Chaplain provides a Memorial Service with a tribute to all the members who passed into Squadron Everlasting.  Immediately after the service we preseeded into the election of the National Commander 2023 and 5 National Vice Commanders from each of the regions. Leading Candidate Chris Carlton from Indiana was elected Sons of The American Legion National Commander 2023 The Southern Region elected Ron Roberts from Mississippi National Vice Commander.  Florida was recognized due to our National Assistant Adjutant Harold Thompson’s absence and National Adjutant Tony Wright was called off the floor for business elsewhere. National Assistant Adjutant Ed Sheubrooks was tasked with providing all the delegates creditation report and with running the election for National Commander and NVCs. Thank you Ed for your service to The Sons of The American Legion and The Detachment of Florida and for representing us with all you do.  With the installation of the newly elected officers, The 50th Convention and the 90th year of the Sons of The American Legion passed into the books.

Immediately after the end of the Convention the 91st a new year of The Sons of The American Legion began with the Post National Executive Committee Meeting where all National Executive Committeemen are sworn in for 2023 by the National Commander. The next order of business was to ratify the appointments of the National Commander. With the end of all NEC business the meeting was adjourned and our business was completed in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Returning home safely and while watching The American Legion streaming of The 103rd National Convention when Sons of The American Legion National Commander 2022 Michael Fox announced on the floor of the Convention that the total dollar value of donations by the Sons of The American Legion 2022 to The American Legion Programs was over $98 Million Dollars. Thank all of you for your contributions to this outstanding total and remember this is why, YOU are the processors of a priceless heritage.