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Mobility for Florida Veterans


L-R: Jack Kump, Bruce Comer (Assistant Dept Adjutant), Joan Wheeler

Orlando, January 4, 2017 –  Jack Kump and his wife, Joan Wheeler, have personally donated ten (10) brand new mobility scooters to The American Legion, Department of Florida. Inspired by their commitment to our veterans, SpinLife has also added an additional scooter free of charge, for a total of eleven (11) brand new mobility scooters from scooter sleuth to be given away to Florida Veterans. Mobility scooters have helped a lot of people with disabilities to move around and sometimes even save their lives. Though there are a lot of options out there especially on ScooterAdviser, there are different types that will cater to different needs. Technology has certainly helped society live better lives.

Florida is home to approximately 1.5 million veterans, 22% of those veterans have claimed some level of disability. Jack and Joan have asked that these mobility scooters be distributed to disabled veterans who are in need and lack the funds or insurance to cover the costs on their own. They have entrusted The American Legion, Department of Florida, with the distribution of this remarkable act of kindness.

We asked Jack and Joan what prompted such a noble act. “The scooters are being donated in memory of two WWII vets very special in our lives, Joan’s late father, Robert I. Wheeler, and Jack’s late mentor, Leonard F. Wedge.”  Jack also would like to honor Randolph-Macon Academy in Front Royal, Virginia where he attended high school. According to Jack, “Without the military influence, discipline, Espirit de Corps, and direction the school provided, my life would have probably taken a much less productive path”. Jack and Joan believe that all vets are very special people and should be recognized and shown compassion, especially our disabled, fallen on hard times.

If you are a Disabled Florida Veteran, who could greatly benefit from one of these mobility scooters, we would like to hear from you.  The mobility scooter must be for the use of the veteran applying, the veteran must be a Florida Resident, provide proof of military service,  and have the capability to arrange pick up of the scooter at our Orlando, Florida

Joan Wheeler

Joan Wheeler

Department Headquarters. The American Legion, Department of Florida ask that you write a letter or email explaining why you should receive one of these scooters. Briefly discuss why you feel you should be chosen, include a copy of your DD214 form to verify your veteran service, and be sure to include contact information.  All letters and DD214 forms must be received in our office no later than January 28, 2017 for consideration.  Late and incomplete submissions will not be considered. Please do not call for inquiries, recipients will be decided by a Department Committee based on the written entries received by the deadline. All entries should be mailed to: The American Legion, Department of Florida, Mobility for Veterans, PO Box 547859; Orlando, FL 32854-7859 or via emailed to

Selected recipients will be notified in February to start arranging pickup of their mobility scooters.

The American Legion, Department of Florida would like to extend a debt of gratitude to Jack and Joan, on behalf of all Florida Veterans. It is this type of compassion and kindness that we wish for all of our veterans.