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Letter from Department Commander ~ Jim Ramos

Florida Legionnaires, Thank you for all your support in our year with “Legion PRIDE”, But Please continue to work on Membership and help your Post, District and Department. Be a 100% on membership we can do it. How? By doing the following: Retain, Reinstate, Recruit, and Renew of our members who have NOT renew up to now. Please continue if you have not made 100% keep going until June 30, 2016 which is the end of the Legion year.

I thanks all the District I visited for helping me with the Post visit and the warm welcome in the Districts. We have great Post in Florida and we all do something difference in our community’s please continue doing all we can for our Veterans and their families. Also do not forget our Volunteers just say Thank you or have an appreciation day (a Dinner, award of some kind and certificate of appreciation) for your volunteers.

Legion Pride

We have a very good time as the Legion Family: first picture at Post 142, Post 335 and Post 130.

Also, we need your Post CPR (Consolidated Post Report) and Department Addendum. Your Post has work all year round with all the programs so please lets do it (CPR) and turn it in to Department as soon as possible. If you are going to the Department Convention and your Post has not sent in the CPR report you cannot vote so get it in NOW. Please do your part and do the right thing and turn it in (your CPR report).

Do you like awards? If so this is easy to do “Post Excellence Award”. I know you do the work at your Post so if your Post is 100% just do it the paperwork to receive the award and send it to me at Department HQ, with the following information:

  1. Membership: Must be at least one member greater than the previous year. At least one Post officer attends District meetings.
  2. Youth Activities: Must sponsor and actively participate in at least one primary youth program: Boys State, American Legion Baseball, Oratorical, Boy Scout or Junior Shooting Sports. Just one program you do very well.
  3. Community: Must accomplish a community service project with members of the Legion Family activity working in the community outside the post home. A wide range of potential projects exists, such as a project centered on one of the Children & Youth’s emphasis areas to fulfilling a strictly local needs. A monetary donation may be part of the project but may not constitute the entire project.
  4. Service to troops/veterans: Must accomplish a project supporting troops or veterans in the community with Legion Family members outside the post home. Potential projects include the Family Support Network, Heroes to hometown, or simply helping a local veteran with necessary update to his or her home. Again, a monetary donation may be part of the project but may not constitute the entire project.

Your Post does all the hard work all year round so Post Recognition should be a top priority because you all deserve it. Each Post has something they do excellence so why NOT? Thank you and your Post for all the work they DO.

Thank you for all your support and please continue working hard.

Jim Ramos,

Department Commander