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Holiday Magic at Department Headquarters

The Florida Department headquarters recently received an intriguing letter from someone claiming to be “Santa Claus” just before the Thanksgiving Holiday.  We all assumed, “This must be some kind of joke”. Even Commander Steve Shuga was interrogated with accusations of “office mischief”.

The letter read as follows:

Dear Florida Legion Headquarters’ Staff,

Greetings from the North Pole, I hope this letter finds you all well and in good spirits. I have watched you all year long as you work diligently, serving our veterans and their families, juggling many responsibilities and putting in long hours.

This year I have made the decision to send one of my scout elves to spend the Holiday Season with you. Luther, will arrive on December 1st to bring Christmas Magic back to the Department Headquarters.

Normally, my scout elves are assigned to report whether you are naughty or nice. However, Luther is an old spirit who has been known to be a little mischievous himself. It is up to you to keep him in line. Don’t be surprised if a few of his fellow comrades drop in for a visit from time to time.

Luther is a very special elf, as he is a Veteran himself. He is excited to learn more about the great work you all do at The American Legion, Department of Florida. During his stay he would love to sit down with the Queen herself, and become a member of Post 208. He is honored to meet you all.

Before he departs for the North Pole, I have a very special request to ask of you. Please send a staff photo with Luther and Comrades, so that I can frame it for my mantle as a shining example of those on my “nicest” list.

God Bless each of you and your families this Holiday Season!

Yours Truly,
Santa Claus

We’ve all waited patiently to see what events would transpire this first day of December! OH BOY, were we shocked!!! It’s all true, the Christmas Magic has definitely returned to Department Headquarters! Luther did appear today, right in the middle of Commander Steve Shuga’s podcast! What a riot that little elf is! He has us rolling with laughter and feeling the “spirit”. Oh, and the Commander has some important information to share with you too! Make sure to check out his podcast in the video below.

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