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Golf Tournament to Benefit C.O.T.A.

The members of the American Legion Veterans Memorial Post 347, now over 8,200 strong, are planning our 28th Annual Golf Tournament on Friday, September 30th at Mallory Hill C.C.. This tournament has been a great success in the past and we expect to continue that tradition this year.

It’s important that you don’t build up some rounds or tournaments as being “bigger” or more important than others. I spoke with a new student last night who told me that he has his “biggest tournament of the season” coming up next week. The golf ball doesn’t know whether it’s a “big tournament” or a friendly game with your buddies. They are all just rounds of golf and it’s important that you do your best to treat them as such. The more you build up a round or tournament as being more important than others, the more pressure you put on yourself to do well.

Many of our behaviors and actions are predetermined by what’s already in our subconscious mind (your “belief system”). With the subconscious mind not being able to reason or know the difference between what’s real or imagined, you can shape it by using visualization. Spend 5-10 mins before each round, imagining yourself hitting the shots you’d like to in the round. E.g. See yourself on the first tee, shaking hands with your playing partners, going through your routine and confidently striking your drive down the middle of the fairway. By seeing this success before you play, you’ll give your subconscious mind a “green light” that it’s something to move towards and not be fearful of. To be able to take all the gear you need with you, check out the best golf travel bags at the link.

The members of the Legion hope they can count on your support for our tournament. This event is one of our major fundraisers of the year we will donating all of our proceeds to the Children’s Organ Transplant Association. We are soliciting for hole Sponsorships for each of the 27 holes at the Mallory Hill Country Club. Your business will be seen by every golfer. There are four different levels of sponsorship for you to consider. Click the link below for a flyer outlining the benefits of each sponsorship level, as well as a golf regisrtation form.

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