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Dave Miller Recognized for Neighborhood Watch

David C Miller | USMC | Disabled Vietnam | Combat Veteran | American Legion Hospital Representative Bay Pines VAMC | National Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation Council for Florida

Congratulations to Dave Miller on his special recognition from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office on October 3, 2020. Sheriff Bob Gualtieri presented Miller with a certificate in recognition of outstanding service and dedication to his Neighborhood Watch Community.

Miller was very concerned about the youth and elderly in his community, especially with recent storms, the COVID pandemic and rising crime rates. Being a man of action, Miller enlisted a few veterans to start patrolling the neighborhood, exchanging contact information among them, and partnering with the local Sheriff’s Department to perform safety checks during the night.

Miller went a step further by also setting up protocols for those who may need medical assistance or help obtaining food and supplies or even getting to stores. Miller says, “it’s almost like our buddy system in the military when I served in the United States Marine Corps.”

Miller and residents of his neighborhood can now relax with more confidence that they are prepared for any disastrous events, emergencies, or social injustices.

Miller has been helping veterans at the VA and in his community for more than thirty years. “I took an OATH in the military to protect my Country from ALL ENEMIES both FOREIGN and DOMESTIC as long as I live. God Bless our Country and ALL Americans”, states Miller.

Congratulations, Dave Miller, we thank you for your continued service and dedication. You are a shining example among us.