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VOTE NO on Amendment (3)

Legionnaires: if possible please make signs to put out that state the following:

VOTE NO on Amendment (3)
It is not in the interest of Florida but in the interest of the Seminoles and Disney!!

Give Post members the signs to put in there yards or where traffic will be able to read and consider voting NO!!!

If your Post has a marque Please put up, Vote No on Amendment (3).

Here’s why:

Beginning in November Florida Residents will be voting on a number of Amendments. One of which will be Amendment # 3. Please read all of them and consider “Vote No “ on Amendment (3)

The November election isn’t just about electing officials . It’s also about survival of every
Legion, VFW, DAV and 501-3C in Florida. !! Your raffles , pull tabs , will be possibly be eliminated if this Amendment passes.

Amendment 3

Working together the Seminole Tribe and Walt Disney have raised over $25 million to put Amendment 3 on the ballot this November. Amendment 3 is called the “Voter Approval of Casino Gambling Initiative” and what is does is require a statewide voter initiative and the voter approval of any changes to Gaming in the state of Florida.

The ballot summary on your November ballot will read:

This amendment ensures that Florida voters shall have the exclusive right to decide whether to authorize casino gambling by requiring that in order for casino gambling to be authorized under Florida law, it must be approved by Florida voters pursuant to Article XI, Section 3 of the Florida Constitution. Affects articles X and XI. Defines casino gambling and clarifies that this amendment does not conflict with federal law regarding state/tribal compacts

What the current advertising campaign fails to mention is that charitable gaming by the various fraternal organizations in Florida would also be affected. The ability to conduct instant bingo and raffles could be challenged as house banked games. It would also require any new gaming for fraternal organizations be put on a statewide ballot which has historically cost more than $10 Million (and would likely be opposed by both the tribe and Walt Disney).

While the name says “Voter Approval” it is really just creating a monopoly for the Seminole Tribe. This would give the Seminoles exclusive right because they already control all Casinos now and re grandfathered in already.